Skin tone and face shape are key to deciding on a hairstyle

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Angelo Vallillo, an award-winning hair stylist and co-founder of Shanti, a company that specialises in superfood for your hair, shared his top tips on hair styling for middle aged women. He gave advice on what colour and cut one should opt for to look younger.

When it comes to dyeing your hair as you age, Angelo said he believes “it’s really a personal choice”.

“If you’re conscious about your greys then you need to do it as soon as possible,” he advised. “If you also want to be adventurous then do it then.

“I don’t think there should be an age in it – I’m all for expression and so go for it and just embrace it.

“However, make sure you go to a very good colourist because you don’t want to ruin your hair.”

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For those who want to dye their hair once it starts to grey, but they are not sure to which colour, Angelo said it all depends on one’s natural hair colour.

He explained: “It’s easier to blend in blonder hair with grey, but sometimes blonder hair doesn’t suit someone who’s naturally got dark hair.

“So, if you’re dark and you’re growing grey, I would always go dark.”

However, Angelo is a fan of grey hair. He continued: “I always find that people, when they’re going grey and they embrace it, they always look amazing. It’s all about control. You have to wear your hair, it can’t wear you.

“If you’re walking around with your grey hair, and walking so confidently, it doesn’t really matter. It all depends on you, your skin tone, and your personality, because everyone is different.

“Grey is great,” he added. “It’s great if you have a well structured haircut and the condition of the hair is also good. If it makes you feel confident, then I’d say go for it.

“The colouring of the hair is just as important as the cut and style, so make sure if you want to leave it grey that you get a good stylist to look after that.”

According to Angelo, the best cut for middle aged women is mid-length. “Mid-length is always good,” he said.

“However it all depends on the thickness of your hair – if you have fine hair and you’re middle aged, I’ll always go for just above the shoulder because you want to create as much thickness as possible.

“If you have thick hair then you can go that little bit longer, like shoulder length or just below the shoulder.

“Fringes are always good as well. I would always recommend curtain bangs. But again, it’s all down to suitability – it has to mirror the face shape. You have to get someone who understands face shape.”

As a hair stylist, Angelo said he believes it is important to “get an understanding” of the individual in the styling chair.

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“Everyone is different,” he said. “You want to get to know that person, you want to enhance them. The face shape is absolutely key, and then understanding the head shape also determines what haircut to put on that person – those two are key for me.”

It also “comes down to the skin tone” for middle aged women who want to look younger, Angelo said.

“Gone are the days where there are set colours because that never worked well,” he explained. “This is why colouring has become so advanced these days – you can do bespoke colour, pieces of colour to enhance certain parts and certain attributes, and to enhance the best features of anyone.

“It doesn’t matter about being middle aged. I think we’re not ageist anymore and we need to step away from that. What we need to look at is your skin tone – that is the biggest thing.

“And it will be different as you get older – it will change when you’re middle aged, but it’s all bespoke. You need someone to really understand that, you need a great colourist who works on these principles.

“Lighter is always good, but then darker is also good if you have a strong personality – so, again, it all boils down to the individual.”

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