Schoolboy stunned to find 'one-in-million' Irn Bru that's completely clear

A schoolboy who went for an afternoon treat was astonished when he cracked open a can of Irn Bru that turned out to be completely clear.

Jarvis Morrison Sweeney, 11, couldn’t believe his eyes when the sugar-free drink had no colour.

But the youngster said it still tasted like Scotland’s national soft drink, which is famous for its iconic bright orange colour.

Jarvis, from Dunfermline, Fife, rushed to tell his mum, Alana Morrison, 48, about the clear liquid.

‘I just poured it into the glass and was like “that’s not normal”,’ said Jarvis.

‘It looked like fizzy water but I wanted to see what it tasted like. It was completely clear, not even a tinge of orange.’

Irn Bru manufacturer A.G. Barr described the rare can as ‘one-in-a-million’.

Mum-of-two Alana, who runs a hotel, said: ‘We’ve got the hotel and we bought a case of sugar-free for the bar.

‘I’d taken two tins out of the case on Saturday and we shared one, then he opened the next tin on Sunday.

‘Lo and behold, it came out clear. I’ve never seen that before.

‘He poured it into a glass and my brother tasted it first. It was completely colourless, like sparkling water.

‘We had a laugh about it because we grew up hearing Irn Bru was brewed by girders and the colour comes from the rust.’

The family joked that finding the colourless drink was no surprise in the year 2020, where anything goes.

‘What else could go wrong in 2020?’ said Alana.

‘They’ve taken away our freedom and now they’ve taken the colour out of our Irn Bru.’

A.G. Barr has been approached for comment and we will update this article if they reply.

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