Saw X fans give their verdict on the new film

Saw X fans say the newest instalment in the gory movie series is ‘one of the best so far’

  • Fans finally get to see the latest installment to the Saw franchise from today
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One of the goriest movie franchises of all time premiered its tenth installment in the UK today – and while the hotly-anticipated drop left some fans petrified, many people say its in the top three ever.

Saw fans are used to Jigsaw’s torturous games and gruesome traps – but it seems movie creators stepped things up a notch for the new launch featuring a trap that is so twisted, viewers are branding it the ‘most gruesome’ game yet.

The long-anticipated film was released in cinemas around the UK today, and according to reviews on Twitter from fans of the franchise, it met their expectations.

They shared their reviews of the film, praising it for adding layers of emotion to the characters – something fans felt was missing from previous Saw films. 

The largely positive reviews follow a trailer from the movie which showed a new torture device in the evil Jigsaw’s lair, which left people horrified.  

One of the goriest movie franchises of all time premiered its tenth installment in the UK today – and while the hotly-anticipated drop left some fans petrified, many dubbed it ‘the best Saw yet’

Fans were quick to take their views to Twitter this morning after Saw X was released today

After the movie was finally released in UK cinemas, viewers said they couldn’t wait to see the film on the big screen – and those  among the first to watch it were pleased. 

One person said they were ‘coming out of movie retirement’ to head to the cinema for Saw X.

Another confessed that they were the only one in the cinema but that the movie was an ‘8.5/10’ and even claimed that it was ‘definitely top three Saw movies’.

However another unlucky viewer said their experience of watching the horror film was marred by another group in the same theatre, which delayed the beginning of the movie. 

He said: ‘I had a group of drunk women sitting behind me while the curtains for the movie never opened until 40 minutes in. We could barely see anything – all I gotta say is my Saw X experience was ruined’.  

Speaking of the franchise’s infamous gore, a different user said: ‘Saw X movies have a movie gimmick where they give you vomit bags specifically for this’.

And it turns out that the gruesome film will also welcome first-time horror movie watchers – as one fan said ‘It’ll be my first ever horror movie I’ll see in a cinema’.

One stunned fan advised parents to ‘not bring your small children who are clearly younger than 10 to an 11 o’clock showing of Saw!’  

Another Twitter user praised directors’ innovation: ‘Saw X gotta be in the top three! The movie actually has a good story with emotion, insane medical traps, and the best twists since Saw 3. Definitely re-watching’.

Saw X official poster: the hotly-anticipated film has finally hit cinemas today, on September 29 

The horrific clip shows Jigsaw screaming in agony before cutting out

What is the Saw film franchise about?

The horror franchise revolves around antagonist John Kramer (Tobin Bell) who goes by the identity of Jigsaw.

In each film, he brings victims to a torture palace filled with ‘tests.’ If the victim fails a test they are tortured in some gruesome fashion and it always results in death.

While his methods of torture are unspeakably cruel, he ends up becoming a somewhat sympathetic character.

Viewers find out he has terminal cancer and only captures immoral people such as rapists, corrupt police officers, abusers and murders.

Through his tests, he gives them a chance at redemption by assessing their will to live and ensuring that if they survive, they will have learned to appreciate the value in life.


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