Sagittarius traits: Why is Sagittarius so popular

Astrology: Expert explains what your star sign means about you

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Sagittarius is the optimistic, free-spirited sign in the zodiac. This sign is so likeable, friendly and positive, there’s no way you don’t have a few Sagittarius friends. chatted to astrologer and fellow Sagittarius Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology on Instagram) to find out why Sagittarius is so popular.

Who doesn’t like Sagittarius? This sign is a bundle of energy, love and fun.

They love to travel, party, learn and try new things – they can’t sit still and want to cram as much as they can into as little time as possible.

This might have something to do with their symbol, the centaur with an arrow pointing upwards into the sky.

Like the archer, Sagittarians are always looking to the future and moving onto the next thing.

If you value honesty and truth, Sagittarian have this perfected.

They’ll always say it how it is, even if it gets them into trouble!

This sign has absolutely no filter and that can sometimes come across as rude but it is a valuable trait to have in a friend.

Equally, Sagittarians want the truth from you. They don’t want drama and they’re extremely independent.

Sagittarians are warm, kind and sociable but they will always do what they want to do.

They’re not committment-phobes, but they will be hesitant to commit to something or someone unless they have a gut feeling that it’s the right thing to do.

While they enjoy spouting off about philosophy and telling everyone their unique and intelligent take on a situation, they won’t get offended if you disagree.

This sign is funny and very difficult to offend, but if you cross them – they won’t hesitate to put you in your place!

Why is Sagittarius so popular?

What’s not to like about the centaur archer? Not much at all!

Sagittarius is the luckiest sign of the zodiac and everyone likes them because of the vibes they give off.

Francesca explained: “They have the perspective that everybody is as generous and optimistic as they are, and the Law of Attraction plays out.

“You get what you give. They believe that people are good and life is good and they bring out the best in other people, and therefore they are popular.”

You only have to look at a sign’s planet ruler to understand its traits.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, opportunity and greater fortune.

Where you have Jupiter in your birth chart determines how much confidence, luck and potential for growth and prosperity you have.

If your Sun sign is Sagittarius – you have all of these things in abundance!

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