Real-life Barbie who spent £60k turning into plastic doll wants army of clones

A mum who has splashed thousands of pounds in a bid to look like Barbie has revealed her latest quest in life.

In total, Marcela Iglesias has spent a staggering £60,000 on cosmetic procedures, although she denies ever having plastic surgery.

But recently the 43-year-old has learnt of human cloning and claims that she wants to get involved herself.

She stumbled across the topic through a professor, who had been conducting research on growing organs based on stem cells.

The mum, from Los Angeles, US, believes that cloning is already happening but the generic public just don't know about it yet.

Now she is determined to have her own army of Barbies, so she can donate her organs to those who need them.

Marcela said: "I want to be cloned and then see if we can use those organs for donation or for myself In the future.

"An army of clones to use for a good cause would be great.

"There are far more patients requiring organ transplants than organ donations.

"By donating my stem cells and some of my eggs, they can be used to create human organs to help people that need the transplant."

She came across the topic through Professor Nakauchi from the University of Tokyo, who was conducting research himself.

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Marcela has a personal connection to the topic, having lost her dad, who needed a kidney transplant.

Since his death, she has had 30 million stem cells transplanted into her bloodstream from an umbilical cord.

She added: "If I had a kidney for my father, he would be alive today.

"The fact that I have 30 million more stem cells that were injected into my body means that I can help with that research.

"I started the research of stem cell therapy because of my dad's diseases and I have learned a lot about it."

She had the procedure done in the US for around $6,000 (£4,300), which Marcela believes will boost her immune system.

The model continued: "The treatment went great; it's like receiving IV fluid, I was there for an hour and a half and I felt very relaxed.

"The doctor showed me the three tubes where the 30 million stem cells arrived, they were frozen.

"I decided to dig into my savings and give my body a great gift."

Marcela is currently trying to get in touch with Professor Nakauchi so that she can discuss making her clones.

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