Queen Camilla has ‘awkward’ body language with royal fans – claims

Queen Camilla was filmed by a royal fan on Tuesday accepting a “last minute gift” on a walkabout in Colchester. The fan gave the Queen Consort a Burger King green crown, to which she replied: “Oh lovely, that’s very kind of you. Burger King?” Camilla could be heard asking.

The fan confirmed that was where the gift came from, to which Queen Camilla added: “Thank you so much”.

The Queen Consort then laughed and continued walking down to greet the queue of people who had come to meet King Charles and Camilla.

The interaction was slightly awkward and Queen Camilla failed to come across overly naturally, an expert claimed.

Judi James, a professional body language expert, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain why.

@_tomsteel just met the royals charles was on the other side. We were all wearing burger king hats and she loved it ������������ #fyp #royals #camillaparkerbowles #kingcharles #foryou ♬ original sound – Tom

She claimed: “Queen Camilla’s signals of ongoing awkwardness are visible in this ‘moment’ when a fan gifts her a paper crown from a burger bar.

“Even before the hat is presented we can see Camilla barely touching an extended hand with one gloved hand.”

The body language expert provided an explanation as to why this may be the case, and how Camilla differs from other members of the Royal Family.

Judi continued: “This suggests a lack of the kind of body language immersion with the fans that we tend to see from William and Kate.”

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The expert argues that Queen Camilla has begun using a “gesture” that she could have learnt from her husband, King Charles.

Judi suggested: “She does use the kind of ‘point’ gesture that Charles uses to imply a sense of fun and connection.”

But unlike the King, who is able to “add to the fun”, Queen Camilla struggled in this clip to do so, according to Judi.

She claimed: “But Camilla clearly looks rather thrown by the sight of the paper crown and unable to join in the laughter about it or add to the fun.

“It’s likely that she might not have worn too many of these burger crowns over the years.

“But she lacks the kind of easy social confidence that will help her cope with what she seems to see as odd behaviour.”

The Queen Consort could even be seen taking the Burger King crown into her car at the end of the walkabout.

The King and Queen Consort visited Colchester to celebrate its new status as a city, which was awarded as part of the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The couple also attended an afternoon tea with volunteers and service users of the charity organisation Age UK at the Colchester Library.

King Charles and Queen Camilla could be seen cutting a cake during this visit which looked delicious.

The couple additionally visited Colchester Castle to mark the special occasion. Camilla wore her gorgeous Fiona Clare white coat for the visit.

This was paired with a fluffy hat from Lock and Co., a Launer London clutch bag and some chic black gloves.

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