Princess Eugenie shares photos of son August visiting elephant display

Princess Eugenie shares sweet snaps of son August visiting a herd of 100 life-sized elephant sculptures in London’s Green Park to promote co-existence of humans and wildlife

  • Princess Eugenie, 31, took her son August for a day out in London’s Green Park
  • The mother-of-son posed with her son with the elephant sculptures on display 
  • It was first time royal fans saw adorable baby August’s face after February birth 

Princess Eugenie has shared a collection of sweet photographs of son August visiting a herd of 100 life-sized elephant sculptures in London’s Green Park.

The mother-of-one took her son August, who was born on 9 February, to see the herd and took adorable pictures to highlight the work of the Coexistence charity, which promotes co-existence of humans and animals.

Sharing the snaps on Instagram, Eugenie delighted royal fans with a first look at her son’s adorable face. 

The elephants have been spotted all around London since May when they were installed outside Buckingham Palace to bring attention to the dangers the animals faced. 

Princess Eugenie, 31, shared adorable pictures of her son August with a herd of more than 100 wooden elephants in London’s Green Park

Eugenie, who is the patron of the conservation charity Elephant family, said it was a ‘pleasure’ to share the elephants’ story with the general public. 

‘A giant herd of 100+ elephants has arrived in Green Park to share their @coexistence.story with London this summer,’ the royal wrote on her Instagram page. 

‘As a Patron of @elephantfamily and an honorary Matriarch it’s my pleasure to share this journey with you,’ she added. 

‘Within The Tea Timers herd is a wonderful baby elephant called Assam August – and it was such a pleasure to take my August to meet him,’ she said. 

The mother-of-one (pictured) took her son August, who was born on 9 February, to see the herd and took adorable pictures to highlight the work of the Coexistence charity, which promotes co-existence of humans and animals

Doting mother Eugenie said it was a ‘pleasure’ to share the elephants’ with the public on Instagram and revealed she took August to meet a baby elephant named after him in the herd 

The adorable pictures showed how the mother-of-one carried her son on her hip so he could get as close to the wooden elephant sculptures as possible. 

August was dressed in a cute pair of light blue dungarees, white socks and a light blue hat. 

In a very relatable show of parenthood, Eugenie was all smiles, while her son August delighted fans with a grumpy frown.

In another picture, the mother brought her son close to a wooden baby elephant that had been named ‘Assam August.’ The doting mother was crouching on the floor so her son could be as close as possible to the beautiful sculpture. 

The last picture showed Eugenie standing at the back of the heard with August in her arms.  

Eugenie crouched to the floor so that her son could take a closer look at a baby elephant who shared his name today, pictured

Wearing a stylish black dress with a green floral detail, Eugenie accessorised with a pair of round binoculars. 

Royal fans swooned over the adorable pictures of baby August, who is proving quite the show stealer at his young age. 

‘Awww look at little August grumpy face,’ one said.  ‘How lovely! August looks just like his papa,’ another said. ‘He’s so cute,’ said another.

Eugenie shared the three pictures to bring attention to the work of the Coexistence charity, which highlights the link between wildlife and humans. 

Since the herd of wooden elephants made their way to London this May, they’ve been spotted in several parks around the city, with the latest being Green Park. 

Last week, the Duchess of Cornwall was photographed with some of the herd in St James Park. 

Royal fans couldn’t get enough of little August’s pout after the royal shared a picture where her son’s face was seen in full for the first time 

Each model, put in place by IBI Logistics International, is made from lantana, an invasive weed which benefits wildlife when it is removed from protected areas.

Following their debut in central London, the elephants will be displayed in various parks across the city before going on sale for between £6,000 for a calf and £30,000 for a full grown elephant.

All proceeds will go towards supporting the work of Elephant Family, which includes securing wildlife corridors to enable safe movement for animals and people, and the expansion of national parks.

It is also hoped funds will go towards protecting indigenous and tribal knowledge.

Ruth Ganesh, creative lead and trustee of Elephant Family, said when the elephants were unleashed around London: ‘Today marks the first significant step on the herd’s 13,000-mile migration around the world. Over the past 18 months, many countries have gone into lockdown.

‘Brought about by tragic circumstances, this great pause – coined the anthropause – is providing crucial guidance on how to best share space with animals in our crowded planet.

‘The elephants are here to tell their story about the inspiring ways we can co-exist with all the other living beings that make our world magical.’

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