Prince William beats Harry for most attractive royal eyes – Duke of Sussex more sneaky

Camilla: Expert on relationship with William and Harry

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Prince William, 39, and Prince Harry, 37, are the two sons of Princess Diana, who herself was said to have very attractive eyes. The two royal men have topped the most attractive male celebrity lists for years.

But how attractive are their eyes?

The two Princes’ eyes have been compared by eye experts at Lenstore.

The experts have asked the public what impression they get when looking into the eyes of some of the most influential royals.

A spokesperson for Lenstore spoke to to decipher whether William or Harry has the most attractive royal eyes.

The spokesperson said: “Prince William is revealed to have the third most attractive eyes among males in the public eye.

“This is according to the UK public.

“Nearly one in 10 (nine percent) of respondents in Lenstore’s survey found Prince William’s eyes the most attractive.

“This is out of the numerous options of influential personalities presented to them,” the expert claimed.

What is it about William’s eyes that make them so special?

They continued: “Prince William has bright blue eyes.

“21 percent of respondents in Lenstore’s survey revealed they find blue eyes the most attractive.

“So perhaps it’s not so surprising that Prince William’s eyes top the list for most attractive male celebrity eyes.

“This is despite just 4 percent voting him as the most attractive male celebrity overall.

“When asked what characteristics each set of eyes indicated to the respondent, Prince William’s eyes correlated most with ‘humble’ (9.7 percent), ‘caring’ (11 percent) and also ‘sad’ (13.85 percent).”

How do William’s eyes compare to Prince Harry’s?

The expert continued: “Whilst many may find Prince Harry attractive, the former royal did not land a top spot for most attractive male eyes in Lenstore’s survey.

“When asked what characteristics each set of eyes indicated to the respondents, Prince Harry’s eyes correlated most with the words ‘sneaky’ (16.9 percent), ‘untrustworthy/dishonest’ (11 percent) and ‘self-centred’ (10.65 percent).

“This is not a great result for the former royal Prince.”

Similar results came in for the wives of the two royal men.

Kate Middleton’s eyes were said to be ‘intelligent’, ‘honest’ and ‘caring’.

On the other hand, Meghan Markle didn’t fair too well in the survey.

According to Lenstore’s survey, brown eyes were voted the least attractive eye colour with 31 percent of respondents finding brown eyes apparently ‘unappealing’.

The full release from the study can be found here.

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