Price of a curry could soar to £30 and hundreds of Indian restaurants could close as cost of living crisis bites | The Sun

THE price of a curry could hit £30 amid the cost-of-living ­crisis, a business leader has warned.

And industry leaders fear it could threaten the closure of hundreds of Indian restaurants.

Shale Ahmed, 41, said: “Business owners have seen their shopping bills go up around 40 per cent.

“The cost of oil has gone from £17 for 20 litres to £44.

“And restaurants go through about 100 litres a week.

“If you charge customers ac­c­ordingly, a curry would have to cost between £25 to £30, which is not sustainable.”


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Mr Ahmed represents restaurant owners in Birmingham — the birthplace of the balti — who have seen energy prices rise £8,500 to almost £25,000.

He estimates that seven in ten could be forced to shut for good and wants government help.

He added: “Loyal customers are now only visiting once a month rather than every week.

“I don’t think many businesses will last the winter, let alone into the next year.”

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