Prevent hair loss with simple changes to lifestyle and diet

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Some people may experience hair loss as temperatures change, both during winter and at the start of spring. Similar to seasonal allergies, seasonal hair loss occurs when the scalp and hair follicles are stressed by a change in temperature, which can cause hair to fall out quicker than usual.

However, there are ways to prevent or minimise the damage, such as using the right hair care products, watching what you eat and drink, and loading up on certain vitamins.

Experts from hair brand Hush and Hush have shared their top tips with

One of the most common hacks to prevent hair loss, or reduce its appearance, is to give your scalp some much-needed TLC.

“Many people make the mistake of only focusing on nourishing the ends of their hair, leaving their scalp in need of some much-needed love,” Hush and Hush’s experts said.

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“Healthy hair starts with the scalp, and when you keep the scalp nourished, your hair doesn’t just feel better, it also looks its best.”

It is worth using a shampoo to gently exfoliate the scalp, such as Hush and Hush’s DeeplyRooted Shampoo.

An excellent ingredient to look out for in shampoos include chlorella, which carries oxygen and nutrients in the blood directly to the scalp.

To further support your scalp health, introduce a scalp serum into your routine. Pick a lightweight product that you don’t need to rinse off for best results, such as Hush and Hush DeeplyRooted Hair Serum.

This is designed to improve follicle regeneration, revitalise thin, ageing hair and reduce shedding. Seventy-eight percent of people who used this serum saw an increase in hair growth in just three months, according to Hush and Hush.

A balanced diet can hugely help one’s scalp, in the same way it helps many parts of the body.

Hair is composed of keratin, a protein essential for growth, therefore, it is worth meet your daily intake of protein and loading up on fruits, vegetables, and fatty acids, which are the essential nutrients one’s follicles feed on.

Vitamin D also helps the scalp, and this nutrient can be easily found in supplements.

Hush and Hush’s experts said: “It’s no secret that during the winter many of us tend to gravitate indoors.

“This can lead to deprived levels of Vitamin D, an essential vitamin to regulate the production of keratin.

“A great way to combat this is by taking Vitamin D supplements. Leading supplements brand, Natures Plus, has a few great options.”

These include Immune Vitamin D3 Softgels, providing 5000 IU to help support your immune system, or Vitamin D3 Gummies, which come in a fun, strawberry-flavoured form.

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As for foods that are high in Vitamin D, these include fish, egg yolks, mushrooms, and cereal.

Cereals like Bran Flakes contain a high level of Vitamin D, according to Healthline.

The best fish to eat for Vitamin D are salmon, canned tuna, herring, and sardines. Halibut and mackerel are other good ones.

Additionally, if you don’t like fish, taking cod liver oil is another way to get nutrients that are hard to get otherwise.

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