Pregnant man emoji set to be introduced this year amid diversity improvements

A pregnant man emoji is set to be introduced this year among other keyboard updates.

Unicode Consortium, the non-profit company that provides the code and descriptions behind emojis developed by Apple and Google, says its newly released draft list of emojis is intended to show improved diversity in gender.

This comes following criticism that currently available emojis were not sufficiently inclusive.

As well as the pregnant man, there will also be an emoji of a handshake between different skin tones.

The update, which was released to mark World Emoji Day this Saturday, July 17, is also set to introduce gender-neutral options for the majority of emojis alongside the already available masculine and feminine versions already available.

This includes options designed to represent transgender and non-binary pregnancies.

For example, as well as prince and princess emojis there will now be the option for a gender-neutral person wearing a crown.

Jeremy Burge, chief emoji officer at Emojipedia, said the update would mean that "nearly all emojis can have default a gender-neutral option, with choice to use a woman or man where relevant".

Other emojis set to be introduced in the coming months include a melting face, a saluting emoji and a hand heart, as well as a mirrorball, an X-ray, a driver’s license and a grey equality sign.

The draft icons will go through a comment process before they are officially given final approval in September.

The ultimate decision on which emojis will be rolled out will be left up to individual device manufacturers.

News of the new emojis comes after it was claimed you're "old" if you use a certain emoji.

Gen Z has mocked Millennials, saying they can tell if someone's over 25 and "middle aged" if they wear skinny jeans and use the cry laughing emojis.

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