'Power Book II: Ghost': What Tasha's Future on the Show Will Look Like

Tasha St. Patrick (Naturi Naughton) has been a central character throughout the Power franchise. The savvy series matriarch, she’s been the glue that holds them together and the family fixer. But as we saw in the Power Book II: Ghost finale, things are changing dramatically for her. What’s going to happen to Tasha from here?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Power Book II: Ghost Season 1, Episode 10.

Tasha St. Patrick is a free woman

Tasha spent the entirety of Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 fighting for her freedom, imprisoned for Ghost’s murder after taking the fall for Tariq St. Patrick. She was facing life imprisonment and possibly even death, but she was freed after Tariq made a stunning revelation during her trial.

A condition of her release was that she name Tommy Egan as Ghost’s killer and the head of his organization. Once word got back to him, Tommy returned to New York to kill Tasha before she could give him up.

Following a failed attempt on her life, Tariq offered Tommy a deal where he would fake his death and avoid prosecution. Still, he was unsatisfied, hatching another plan to kill Tasha. But before he could reach her, she was taken away into a witness protection program.

What the future will look like for Tasha St. Patrick

Now that she’s in a protection program, it seems like we won’t be seeing as much of Tasha. Showrunner and creator Courtney Kemp told Deadline that in order to maintain her safety, Tasha will need to keep her distance and stay out of reach from her son.

“I think what will come up in the next season is his lack of ability to contact his mother, to be with his mother, and to have that connection. You know in trying to build the coming-of-age story, we really did have training wheels on Tariq in the first season which in the form of his mother,” said Kemp.

“So, he turns 18 and by the end of the season, he’s sending his mother away. Part of the journey of Season 2 is absolutely going through and making decisions without the benefit of someone to call,” she added.

But that’s not to say we won’t ever see her again. When asked whether it’s safe to say sayonara to Naturi Naughton’s character, Kemp said, “I would say that we can’t say definitively because of what they always, any character that doesn’t die on the show can come back.”

When does ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ come back?

So far, there’s no official release date for Power Book II: Ghost. But if it follows the same schedule as the original series (the seasons usually came out one year after the previous one debuted), the show could return later in 2021. We’ll see.

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