Pound nears ten-year low against the euro ahead of No Deal Brexit

STERLING has hit a near ten-year low against the euro falling to €1.0724 this morning ahead of a No Deal Brexit.

Britain is set to leave the European Union (EU) by October 31, 2019, but if it can't agree trade, customs and immigration rules in time it will exit without a deal.

New Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has said he is prepared to leave the union without a deal if it's the only way we can "Brexit" on time.

But the pound has taken a battering since the referendum to leave the EU in June 2016.

Prior to this, it had been as high as €1.44 in July 2015 but has been tumbling ever since.

It last dipped to these sorts of lows during the height of the financial crisis in 2009 where it fell to its lowest point in the past ten years of €1.0625.

Against the dollar meanwhile, £1 is currently worth $1.203, which again is down from highs of $1.715 seen in July 2014.

It's also the lowest point for the pound against the dollar in the past ten years.

Andy Demetriades, director of treasury solutions and partnerships at exchange firm Caxton says all eyes are on the pound to see what happens next.

He said: "All eyes will be on the psychologically important 1.20 level versus the dollar and 1.07 versus the euro, both rates not seen since the night of the referendum itself."

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Here's the latest on whether a No Deal Brexit is still a possibility for the UK leaving the EU.

But former Labour leader Gordon Brown has warned that a No Deal Brexit risks breaking up the UK and claims Britain faces "oblivion".

Despite the uncertainty, a new poll reveals Tories are Sun readers’ favourite party once again thanks to Boris Johnson.

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