Police chief 'forced by Democrat mayor to resign as Pennsylvania city's top cop after wife's pro-Trump post on Facebook'

A POLICE chief was allegedly forced by Democrat mayor to resign as Pennsylvania city's top cop after his wife shared a pro-Trump post on Facebook.

Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser's resignation has sparked allegations that he was pushed to step down from his position by Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace, who responded to the claims on Saturday, Fox 43 reported.

Chief Berkihiser is set to resign on October 31 after working 26 years with the Lancaster City Bureau of Police in Pennsylvania.

However, Sorace did not reveal the reasoning behind Chief Berkihiser's decision to resign.

In a Saturday statement, Sorace said: "There is an agreement that legally binds Chief Berkihiser and me to not comment on the nature of the discussions we had, nor on the factors that led to his decision to retire.

"It is my obligation to abide by the letter of the law in not breaching that document. "

Controversy struck Chief Berkisher after his wife used her Facebook page, under the name of Kristy Lynne, to show support for someone who attended a Trump rally, according to Police Tribune.

The post, which was also accompanied with pictures from the event, read: “I can’t begin to explain the energy & enthusiasm in the crowd for our country & for America, and for the President who wants to build on the foundation of the Constitution, honor our forefathers, protect the unborn, respect our military & law enforcement and keep American the land of the FREE & the home of the brave!!”

When the original poster responded to Chief Berkihiser’s wife's comment and praised Trump's respect for law enforcement, Kristy wrote: “Why I’m voting for him again."

She added: "Same reason as last time… you don’t see him meeting with Jacob Blake’s family and speaking to him by phone."

Jacob Blake is a 29 year old Black man, who was shot by a white police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

He was unarmed – and was shot seven times in the back, in front of his children.

John Fiorill, former head of the local Fraternal Order of Police, told WHTM about how Chief Berkihiser was allegedly forced to resign a Democrat mayor.

He told the news outlet: “This was an unjust situation that he was placed in, a clear violation of his rights.

“He was advised by the mayor that she wanted his resignation, based on those statements made on Facebook, not by Chief Berkihiser, but by Chief Berkihiser’s wife."

Fiorill added: “He retired under his conditions, not the conditions of the mayor, not a termination.

"That’s exactly what he wanted to avoid and he wanted to avoid that turmoil."

Sorace first announced Berkinhiser's resignment in a Facebook post on October 2 – where she praised him for accomplishing a "significant amount of work" throughout his career.

She wrote: "He joined the Lancaster City Bureau of Police in May of 1994 as a patrolman and has worked through the ranks of sergeant, lieutenant, patrol captain, and chief.

"He has served not only our city but our country."

In response to social media backlash, Chief Berkihiser's wife shared a lengthy statement to Facebook on October 9.

Kristy stated: "His opinions are not mine, mine are not his.

"To punish him and judge him after a exemplary 26 year career because of me is absolutely wrong.

"To sacrifice his career to save face for my remark taken out of context and my political affiliation is terrible. He deserves better."

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