Plus size star flaunts real bump and says pregnancy isnt all that glam

A pregnant influencer has declared that she wants to ‘normalise’ plus size baby bumps after not being able to relate to other expectant mothers.

Megan Kim is carrying her first child and has candidly documented her journey for her 31,000 Instagram followers.

The brunette beauty often posts body positive posts of her size 18 body and has not stopped showing the ‘real’ side of social media just because she is pregnant.

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Often, pregnant women are referred to as ‘radiant’ or ‘glowing’ and seen to be 'glam' despite growing another human inside of their body.

At 30 weeks pregnant, Megan has now spoken out on how she doesn’t see many plus size pregnancies or bumps with stretch marks – but she wants to change that.

In her recent post, the influencer posted two side by side snaps of herself in matching white underwear.

On the left, Megan’s red and white stretch marks on her bump are prominent while her hair is loose behind her back.

But on the right, the mum-to-be subtly edited the same photo to show how others can easily deceive on social media.

Megan rid of the stretch marks on her tum, edited on a face full of makeup and gave more volume to her hair – she even smoothed out her skin texture.

The influencer then explained in the caption why she shared the unedited and manipulated photos to her followers.

She voiced: “Wanted to share this for a few reasons:

“Personally I haven’t seen many pregnant bodies that I can relate to – that look like me. Whether it’s in TV, films, clothing websites or social media – pregnancy looks 'glam', with a woman who is tall and slim and has no stretch marks but has this beautiful perfect bump.

“Half of them probably aren’t even really pregnant in real life.

“I honestly haven’t seen many plus size pregnancies or bodies that look like mine.”

Megan expressed: “So I want to keep showing mine. To normalise how I look.

“Also, I wanted to show how easy it is to edit photos to look a certain way. I have f*** all editing skills and I was able to do this in less than 5 mins.

“Can you notice all the differences?

“These apps are SCARY. It’s mad how easily you can change how you look. Even making this hit my self esteem a little bit!

“So yeah, your body is normal and don’t believe everything you see.

“There is more than one body type.”

Inspired by Megan’s post, many people fled to the comments to praise her being ‘real’.

One person commented: “Thank you for sharing this!”

Another user added: “Our beautiful inside and out! I gained so much weight during pregnancy, but you honestly are rocking it!”

While a third voiced: “Beautiful lady. Such an inspiration to a fellow preggers lady who’s not represented online as I’m 5 ft1.”

Someone else praised: “Thank you so much for doing this. I don’t have that perfect bump shape and I’m so glad you’re sharing this to show that bumps are all different.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person shared: “I needed to see this.”


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