People share their WORST experiences with landlords

Think YOUR landlord is bad? Long-suffering tenants share their horror stories – including one who had their thermostat locked in a ‘cage’

  • Ruin My Week has shared social media posts capturing landlords’ bad behaviour
  • One image shows how a landlord disguised a nest of spiders using spray paint
  • Another snap features a very sarcastic response to a complaint about WiFi  

Plenty of tenants have issues with their landlords – but these homeowners from hell might just be the worst of the bunch. 

Their bad behaviour has been captured in viral social media posts by their long-suffering tenants and collated in an online gallery by Ruin My Week. 

Among the most shocking posts is a tenant that spotted their landlord had spray painted a nest of spiders instead of hiring a professional to sort out the infestation. 

Elsewhere, one person showed how their landlord penned a lengthy sarcastic text message after they complained about the internet not working.

Here, FEMAIL picks out some of the worst encounters with landlords… 

Caught out: Ruin My Week has rounded up a selection of images that have gone viral on social media because of their bad landlords – including one who tried to disguise a spider’s nest by spray painting it

A simple ‘no’ would do! Another image shows a tenant who received a very lengthy sarcastic text message after complaining about the internet not working 

‘Every little helps!’ A tenant took to social media to reveal that their landlord sent a pre-paid postage envelope to ensure they still receive rent during the pandemic 

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Not getting the message… One New Yorker was told to get rid of their pets after informing their landlord about the rats in their bathroom 

Out of their hands: One London renter took to Twitter to blast their landlord for using a cage to stop them from adjusting the heating 

Think I can see your work… A tenant in a new property was left amused by their landlord’s attempt to hide a patch in the carpet

You asked for it! Another tenant made a sign to warn their landlord that they might be naked upon arrival because they refused to give notice before visiting 

Look closely! A tenant who contacted their landlord about issues with their hot water was left speechless after being asked to send photos

A real DIY job: Another individual revealed how their landlord made a gadget to empty water leaking from their ceiling outside 

What are you meant to do with this? One person admitted they were baffled by the hose left by their landlord to water the lawn at their new home

It’s the little things: A British renter was shocked to be asked for 11p in outstanding rent 

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