People share ridiculous items their food was served on in restaurants

What’s wrong with a plate? From crudités on barbed wire to sauce poured into a diner’s hands, snaps reveal restaurants’ VERY bizarre serving methods

  • Hilarious gallery shows people’s odd substitutes for plates in quirky eateries
  • Snaps from around the world show a glass of liquid presented upside down
  • Another depicts pasta that hasn’t been taken out of the frying pan after cooking
  • A restaurant delivers a book with pages which are covered with pieces of meat

From pieces of meat served between the pages of a book to spaghetti meatballs offered up in a martini glass, social media users have shared hilarious snaps of the odd ways restaurants have served food.

The entertaining foodie pictures from across the globe, which were collated in an online gallery by Bored Panda, include a Barbie doll covered in ham, while another shows an upside down glass with a liquid cocktail concoction inside.

Other bizarre snaps show a helmet with a bronze tongue that has a single truffle placed on top.

Here, FEMAIL reveals some of the strangest examples, including chicken wings on a garden shovel…

While the idea might have been to make dining more playful, a meat-covered Barbie doll really misses the mark

This liquid ‘dessert’ not only doesn’t have an appropriate serving bowl, but the person serving decided to pour it all over their customer’s hands—at least she looks happy

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This helmet with a single circular food item is not only insanely big for the meal size, but wholly unnecessary too

Sharing dinner with friends is lovely, but usually there are dishes involved. One has to hope this table is clean

Barbed wire hors d’oeuvres anyone? This is certainly the most dangerous way to serve food, and it’s not sightly either

An upside down glass of liquid presents a very awkward problem—leave your drink alone or get covered in it

Well that’s one way to save on washing the dishes! Apart from the fact that this seems unsanitary, the frying pan looks quite used

While this might be one of the milder restaurant contributions, icing the lid of a jar seems odd if not totally useless

The spade option is one of the more widely known version of the plate replacement—but that doesn’t make it any more impressive

Fish in a bottle anyone? This offering is one of the least harmful on the eyes, but good luck eating out of it without it rolling over

Flying noodles? Or a great way to ensure your food gets cold before it arrives at your table?

How strange! These pieces of meat were wedged between the pages of a book at one restaurant 

Meatballs are always delicious, but serving them up in a martini glass is an odd look

This huge spoon must have looked ridiculous on the way to the table, and the bets are on the server not enjoying carrying it over either

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