People are only just realising what the knob on top their pepper grinder is for

A woman was impressed when she learned a new trick to "change modes" while using a pepper mill.

Mum Jennifer Valentyne loves to share her cooking tips and cocktail recipes on TikTok.

But little did she know that there's a "hack" to get her "fine" and "coarse" pepper with a simple switch on the grinder.

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"How did I not know this?" she captioned in the video as she revealed secret.

She said: "I am today's years old when I found out the top knob of your pepper mill is loose, it gives you coarse pepper.

"And when you tighten it, it gives you fine pepper – yeah! Check this out.

"But you knew that, didn't you?"

Some viewers, however, struggled to see the difference when Jennifer used the "fine" setting and got big lumps of pepper coming out from the mill.

One said: "Both look coarse, I don't see fine pepper."

Another also expressed: "Erm…looks the same to me bestie. I was today years old to not attempt this hack."

A third added: "I can't see the difference!"

Others who have tried out Jennifer's recommendations shared their thoughts, with one saying: "That actually is true but that pepper mill doesn't show it at all!"

"Her statement is correct however she didn't tighten it enough to show the difference," a second supported.

Meanwhile, you can also check on the "correct" way to use disposable ice bags.

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The easy seal plastic bags can easily make 12, or up to 30 ice cubes in one bag – but many people struggle to get them out without making a mess.

Rather than ripping the pockets individually, a TikToker showed a quick hack to get them out in seconds.

She simply stretched the bag horizontally and vertically, which caused the segments in the bag to transform into a sack, so all the ice cubes fall into the bottom at once.


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