People are only just realising historic reason Coronation Chicken got its name

When it comes to British staples, Coronation Chicken is one of the most popular dishes out there.

Made from a creamy curry sauce, the hearty meal is usually served with salads.

It often makes an appearance as one of the sandwiches on an afternoon tea spread.

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Now one thing you might not have ever thought about is where it actually came from.

It was the signature dish for the Queen's Coronation in 1953 and originally called Poulet reine Elizabeth.

Eventually the grub became known as the Coronation Chicken.

It comes as Buckingham Palace announced the official dish of King Charles' Coronation would be Coronation Quiche.

The dish will feature spinach and broad beans.

According to the Royal website, it's a "deep quiche with a crisp, light pastry case and delicate flavours of spinach, broad beans and fresh tarragon".

The announcement went on to say the recipe is perfect for "a Coronation big lunch".

Royal chef Mark Flanagan created the new coronation recipe but Coronation Chicken is credited to Constance Spray, a food writer and chef Rosemary Hume, who prepared the dish for the coronation banquet in 1953.

And now foodies on Twitter were amazed by the history of the classic dish.

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One said: "Had no idea Coronation Chicken was invented for Queen Elizabeth's coronation, you learn something new every day."

Another added: "Are you telling me that Coronation Chicken was made especially for her? Had no clue."

A third commented: "I didn't realise Coronation Chicken was created for the late Queen Elizabeth's Coronation. Thought it was just called that."

Other Twitter users thought the new Coronation Quiche would have the Indian-inspired chicken dish inside it.

A person wrote: "Momentarily forgot what coronation originally meant and envision Coronation Chicken in a quiche… I wasn't made at it."

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