People are ditching their hoovers for manual sweepers to save cash

People are ditching their hoovers in a bid to save cash amid the ongoing cost of living crisis.

In place of the power sucking devices, people are swapping to manual tools such as rubber brushes, manual carpet sweepers, and lint removers.

Brand BISSELL reported a 175% increase in sales month on month of their manual carpet sweeper as households get savvy about their spending.

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Cleaning influencer ‘Clean with Jen’ gave the vacuum cleaner swaps a test drive and shared her thoughts with her cleaning community.

The classic cleaning appliance doesn’t require an electrical source to efficiently pick up lint, pet hair, crumbs, dirt and more from all floor surfaces.

Jen captioned the clip ‘energy free cleaning hack, don’t mind if I do!’.

In the video, she said: “Right now, I am trying to keep my energy bills as low as possible and I have found the perfect solution for keeping my carpets clean without using any electricity.

Watch the clip here:

“This is a natural sweeper from BISSELL and it works just like a normal hoover to clean your carpets and hard floors but you don’t need to use any electricity.

“Roller brushes on the bottom help to pick up any dust and debris and hair and collects all very handily for you as well.

“It's amazing how much it actually picks up”.

Her cleaning fanatic fandom was quick to jump in the comments with their thoughts.

One said: “My parents had one in the 80s”.

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Another added: “Recently bought a rubber bristled broom and dustpan and brush in B and M for this. Also handy for carpet cleaning if a dog has an accident”.

“I've had a carpet sweeper for yrs it's brill”, a third added.

“Need this!” claimed a fourth.


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