My sister isn't talking to me because I didn't compliment her new kitchen

DEAR DEIDRE: MY spoiled sister has fallen out with me because I didn’t make a positive comment about her new kitchen when I last visited her home.

I’m a guy of 25 and things like that just wash over me.

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But now I’m being excluded from family get-togethers.

Initially, Mum and Dad said they had also been shut out by my sister and brother-in-law, but now I’ve discovered they’ve been quietly going around there without telling me.

My sister is 30 and she appeared on our doorstep last week, yelling at me: “I don’t care what you think about me or Tom but I object when you’re at our house and say nothing about our £15,000 kitchen.” Then she stormed off.

So it’s all about me and not Mum and Dad.

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I feel hurt that I didn’t get invited to my niece’s birthday or a party for Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary.

Should I try to put things right?

DEIDRE SAYS: Your sister is getting hung up on petty issues but, for the sake of a happy family, extending an olive branch may mean you’re included in family gatherings once more.

Buy her something that will go with her new kitchen, invite her out for a coffee and explain you didn’t mean to offend but you’re not observant about these things.

I hope she sees sense and realises you’re sincere and you can both draw a line under this.

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