My family worried I'd never get a job because of my tattoos

My family worried I’d never get a job because of my tattoos, 28 facial piercings and a split tongue – but it’s no barrier to success

  • Cameron Bright, from California, 28, has been extremely altering his body
  • He even has had silicon implanted in his penis to ‘extra simulation’ for partners
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A man who’s spent $30,000 on extreme body modifications has admitted his family were worried he’d never get a job, but insists his unusual look has been no barrier to success. 

Cameron Bright, from California, has a split tongue, 28 piercings in his face, ‘holes’ that he can stick his fingers through, multiple inkings and one arm and hand tattooed completely black. 

But not all of the 28-year-old’s modifications are instantly visible – with the warehouse team leader hiding a secret in his trousers, having had a silicone implant imbedded into his penis.  

‘My penis implant was to make it look cooler and to spice things up with my partners,’ he said. ‘And they tend to be pretty big fans of it.

‘The healing wasn’t too bad just sore for the first week and I had to be careful of the stitches getting wet. 

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Cameron Bright, from California, 28, has spent $30,000 (£24,000) in body modification procedures, including adding an implant to his penis. He regularly has people staring at him in the street but is no stranger to the attention, having racked up millions of views online

‘It’s just a small opening into your epidermal layer of skin where they place the silicone under.

‘It usually can take about three weeks for the shape to really show its true shape, since the skin heals over it.’

The implant is made from medical grade silicone, similar to that used for breast implants.

Cameron says the texture can add ‘extra stimulation’ for some of his lucky partners.

He said: ‘I normally just stick to myself unless a partner I connect with comes into my life.

‘The beads don’t stimulate me but the apadravya [piercing that goes through glands] does add a little extra stimulation to the urethra.

The body modification enthusiast has had his tongue split in two, as well as several facial piercings 

The warehouse team leader has had a hole drilled in his nose and can pass small objects or his fingers in the opening 

Cameron has also had implants embedded in his torso, has well as several tattoo all over his body 

Pictured: Cameron before his modified his nose. He said that he is fetishized by online fans who love his unnatural appearance 

‘But all this modification does boost my confidence and that can improve a sex life a lot too.’

Aside from his penile work, Cameron has also had his tongue split in half, which he says was ‘not as painful’ as you might expect but left him ‘drooling and unable to eat or talk’ for a week.

Additionally, he has 28 piercings in his face and ‘holes’ that he can stick his fingers through – much to the shock of his social media fans.

One video of the TikToker sticking his fingers through the holes has racked up over one million views.

The online sensation has had almost all his arm tattooed in black, down to his finger tips, which he tops with black nail polish 

For the body modification fanatic, the gain is worth the pain and he says it doesn’t impact his dating chances

For the body modification fanatic, the gain is worth the pain and he says it doesn’t impact his dating chances.

Cameron said: ‘My modifications don’t really impact my relationships (aside from the improved sex life).

‘Women are usually okay with it and I’m not interested in anyone who isn’t okay with it.

‘It’s also very fetishized, I’ve had several interesting DMs [direct messages] from people online […] usually asking to see it and make a lot of inappropriate comments or sending me pictures I didn’t ask to see first.

‘I have seen this from both women and men.

While some of the body modifications Cameron has gone through are flagrant, some are hidden under his clothes 

Splitting his tongue was the hardest procedure Cameron has ever done, because of the lengthy healing period  

‘My family is okay with my look now. They were worried that I wouldn’t get a job at first, but I’ve proven to be successful.’

However, Cameron often faces backlash online with evil trolls saying he is ‘the devil’.

He said: ‘Body modification has been nothing but positive for me.

‘I’ve loved every moment the only negative side is the people that are mean to me over it but I have thick skin so it doesn’t bother me.

‘Most of the negative comments are from people telling me I’m gross or I’m going to hell.

‘Even calling me the devil for it.

The body modification enthusiast has admitted his family was worried he wouldn’t find job but they are now accepting of his appearance 

Cameron has a child with his natural features. Money is no object with the Californian happy to splash his cash on his body art

‘It’s usually online because most people don’t have the guts to say it to my face and if it’s in person it’s yelled outside of their car as they drive off.’

Money is no object with the Californian happy to splash his cash on his body art.

He said: ‘I have spent around $30,000 (£24,000) on everything since starting.

‘I have 28 piercings, most of them stretched, and my favorites are my 23mm septum, split tongue and my implants in my collar bones and penis.

‘The hardest modification I’ve had done was my split tongue.

‘The procedure isn’t as painful as the actual healing, it’s a week of not eating drooling and pain until you get the stitches out a week later.

‘It’s super fun to play with it [my tongue], like picking up French fries with it or just trying two liquids at once.’

As for the future, Cameron has big plans including more piercings, tattoos and silicone spines on his thumbs.

He added: ‘My journey is nowhere near finished.’

Cameron sporting ear extenders on top of his tattoos, piercing and other body modifications. He plans to have more procedures in the future 

The body modification enthusiast likes to play around with his new features, crossing his two tongues or passing a finger through his nose 

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