Mums shaving foam cleaning hack promises to vanquish red wine and grease stains

A smart mum has revealed a cleaning hack to remove stains from unwashable items like rugs – and you probably have the key ingredient in your bathroom cupboard.

Mum-of-two Mila @mama_mila_ claims a simple tin of shaving foam can work wonders on all kinds of stains such as grease and red wine.

The TikToker, from Melbourne in Australia, shows followers how she uses the foam to quickly spot clean carpets and rugs, lift red wine stains from linen, and gently remove stains from suede.

With the red wine, she says to let the shaving foam sink into the stain and then wash it away with water.

"The miracle stain remover you didn’t know you had," Mila wrote in the caption.

Since Mila uploaded the video, it's been "liked" thousands of times on the app and many viewers thanked her for the tip – claiming it really did work.

One user commented: "Totally works 100% I used it to clean my car seats. Worked like a charm."

"I had no idea shaving creamed so many of these things," said a second.

A third impressed viewer commented: "Wow thanks for the hack."

Someone else said: "I've used a few shaving cream hacks but unless you can rinse with water it leaves such a strong shave cream smell behind."

Another wrote: "Ohh lord and men use this on their faces. Thanks, I needed to clean my carpet stains."

Mila added in the comment section: "I'm using a Coles Home Brand shaving foam but any foam-based cream should work."

Obviously, you ought to avoid a blue or other colour shaving foam and stick to a plain white mixture to avoid accidentally staining your fabrics.

Shaving foam usually contains a whipped-up blend of water, soaps, and sometimes alcohol, which are all good at washing stains.

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