Mum with £100k a month OnlyFans quits – saying she wont sell soul for more cash

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    A British mum who made fortunes selling Page 3 inspired topless pictures on OnlyFans quit the platform – despite pocketing up to £100,000 each month.

    Tracy Kiss only posted a selfie every 48 hours but she was in the top 1% of world creators.

    She joined in 2018 when social media “became stricter around showing skin” and she wanted more freedom to share whatever she wanted.

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    But the body positive glamour model believes the site gradually acquired a more extreme reputation and she no longer wants to be associated with it.

    Speaking exclusively with Daily Star, she said: “When people think of OnlyFans they tend to think of women with low self esteem desperately needing money so they use their body as a last report to pay their bills and that isn’t the case for me.

    “I make approximately £80,000-£100,000 per month – but being Buddhist I practise gratitude and live a minimalist and nature inspired life.

    “The more I grow through my life, the less appealing material possessions like big houses and flash cars are to me.

    “Glamour modelling physically detached me from who I truly am as a person and cast me into a shallow, selfish and greedy world where I don’t belong.

    “I posted a topless selfie every 48 hours and have zero contact with subscribers but people definitely presume the worst.

    “I think the platform as a whole has gained a bad reputation for extremism around who is prepared to do the most to make the most money. That’s not an environment I feel comfortable with.”

    She added: “I have friends who use OnlyFans and do far more than I ever did and they’re kind, confident and wonderful women who I love and appreciate.

    “It’s very much down to the individual and what is too much for one person seems to be not enough for the other. My inbox was filled with men's explicit images and demands for sex tapes and genitals which I didn’t feel the need to even open or engage with.”

    Tracy, from Buckinghamshire, started in the glamour industry at 18 as a Page 3 girl.

    She raised her two kids as a single mum while building a big online profile where she has 1.2million Instagram followers.

    Now 35, she's ready to ditch her glamour work despite still earning jaw dropping riches from it.

    Asked if it was difficult to abandon her regular income during a cost of living crisis, Tracy said: “The funny thing about life is the more we desire the more pressure we have to put upon ourselves to achieve it and the lower our quality of life becomes.

    “If you want to drive Porsche you’ve got to earn the money to buy it which involves spending far more hours working just for it to be parked on a driveway untouched as you’re too busy to drive it.

    “This additional financial demand and increase in work may make you feel more stressed, anxious, tired and under pressure to maintain the financial upkeep which takes away the calm and relaxed carefree spirit that we are all born to have.

    “The same can be said for houses, designer clothes and holidays, the more that we have the better we want.”

    Tracy, who said her decision caught her family by surprise, was put under “constant pressure” to do racier content on OnlyFans by being offered extraordinary sums of money.

    She was never tempted but she believes younger models could be easily swayed into agreeing to things they are not necessarily comfortable with.

    Tracy also said she only became a glamour model because she was approached to do so when she was just 18.

    She explained: “If I had a little more life experience I most likely would have said no. I was just young and didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

    “But in those days it was normal and seen as something positive.

    “It doesn’t fit into today’s society and acceptable standards. I don't think future generations will aspire to be glamour models like the days of Jordan, Kelly Brook and Jodie Marsh when I was growing up.”

    Despite this, Tracy is proud of her achievements in the competitive world of glamour modelling.

    She said: “My time on OnlyFans has been such a journey for me and as a whole was a positive experience that I’m glad I have but I am ready to move on.

    “I felt empowered to be able to share my enthusiasm for the female form with my fans, to celebrate self love and encourage masturbation for stress reduction to boost the immune system.

    “And making it into the top 1% of world wife creators when I only shared topless selfies was something that I never expected to achieve.

    “But it showed that sticking to your morals and knowing your limits in such an energetic world is a powerful part of understanding yourself and can be applied to all aspects of life.”

    As for the future, she added: “Away from glamour I have my entire life. My children, extending my education each and every year, focusing on wellness and mental health and being able to help others to make a positive difference in the world.

    “In reality OnlyFans took up five minutes of my time to take a selfie. I will more than likely put those additional 15 minutes a week into additional mediation.

    “And while I’m a single parent, I have studied and worked incredibly hard for many years to have a secure and stable life with multiple sources of income and business so removing OnlyFans isn’t the be all and end all.”


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