Mum suffers epic fail after buying her son Worry Monster to ease his anxiety

A mum was left in hysterics after her plan to help her son's anxiety backfired completely.

Nerys Beames had noticed her little boy Aled was stressed about starting a new school year in September.

She looked for solutions to encourage the six-year-old to talk about it and that's when she found the Worry Monster for £12.

The 41-year-old read that her son could write down his worries and feed them to the blue and orange toy.

But when Nerys snuck into her son's room to empty the monster's mouth of worries, she realised her plan had backfired.

She found that her son had penned the monster a note claiming he was "worried" the creature will come to life and eat him.

The dental nurse shared the post on social media which has since racked up thousands of reactions.

Nerys, from Wales, said: "I went up to check on him before I went to sleep like I do and there was another little note in there.

"He wrote about the Worry Monster coming alive. I briefly felt upset when I found the note, that I might've subjected him to extra worry, but then I was amused.

"I realised that if Aled was that frightened of him, he would've called for me to remove it and he certainly wouldn't have been able to go to sleep with it there.

"I wrote a little note back saying: 'I don't like eating children – they taste like smelly feet and give me a bad tummy. I much prefer eating worries. It's a healthier lifestyle for me'. Worry Monster will be staying for the foreseeable."

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The mum found out her son was feeling anxious about changes at school after speaking to one of his teachers, adding that Aled can be quite shy.

She purchased the Worry Monster in the hope that he would be able to secretly express his feelings, but luckily now he's finally embracing the toy.

Since sharing the post online, many parents shared their similar experiences, with one writing: "We had exactly the same issue when we bought one of these Worry Monsters for our son, he was terrified of it. Epic mum fail."

And another mum added: "This definitely made me laugh more than it should have. My five-year-old would be the same."

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