Mum raises completely different daughters and they question if theyre related

A woman questioned if she is even related to her sister as her mum raised two 'completely different' daughters.

Valentine recently took to social media to ask users if they think she is actually joined by blood to her sibling.

Despite having brunette hair, the pair look nothing alike and even have totally different lifestyles.

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In a TikTok clip that racked up thousands of views, glamorous Valentine shared a series of snaps of herself and sister to let people decide for themselves.

"Point of view: Your mum raised two completely different daughters", she wrote.

She first revealed a photo of the pair as they posed with their mum.

Valentine opted for bold look with a face full of glam makeup and fake tan. She also rocked a dress that exposed one of her thighs.

In contrast, her sister went for a more subtle look with minimal makeup and a longer garment that covered her legs.

The stunner then shared some pictures of her sister where she grinned in every picture as she climbed mountains and enthusiastically boogied on the dancefloor.

Despite also liking travel, Valentine's appearance is extremely opposite to her sister's style.

In an array of brightly coloured bikinis, the babe flaunted her busty assets and hourglass figure as she pouted for the camera.

Aided by her voluminous brunette hair, Valentine is a lot less subtle than her sibling.

"Are we even sisters?", Valentine questioned.

Amazed at how different they look, many people fled to the comments to praise the pair for expressing different looks.

One person commented: "Both beautiful."

Another user related: "Me and my sister."

While a third voiced: "The first girl also looks super happy all the time which is so cute."

Someone else praised: "Well I think your mum did amazing raising two very great beautiful ladies."

Meanwhile, a fifth remarked: "Best of both worlds."


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