Mum criticised for naming baby after her favourite wine brand

Taking to the social media platform and parenting forum Mumsnet, a woman with the username @Poppylizzyrose asked other mums to share the “worst baby names you’ve heard” or the “most ridiculous ones”. Hundreds replied with the most unusual picks with one woman saying she once met a baby girl who was named after a popular drink.

The woman explained that she once met a “Rioja and Chardonnay” and they “were sisters, I’m not joking”.

Another mum said that she had also met a baby with a wine name, “Montana-Chardonnay”, and explained that she was “named after the mother’s favourite wine brand”.

Other mums commented saying that it was a “weird” choice and that sounded “ridiculous”.

Some parents like to name their babies after drinks or famous brands while others opt for food names with one mum admitting she named her daughter Cupcake.

Another one explained that she decided to call her daughter Pumpkin because it “just came up on the flashing name board thingy they have at the doctor’s clinic”.

“A little boy I taught years ago called Raspberry. He was the cutest!” commented a woman with others saying that fruit names are actually quite common.

“Oh yes we do have a Blueberry in our school, I quite like it though,” another forum user opined.

Another mum explained that “there was a Nemo on postnatal with me when I had my son” as well as “a Conan”.

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A forum user said she once heard the name “Manhattan being screamed across Primark changing rooms in a strong Yorkshire accent”.

“I once knew a family with a Blessing, Lucky and Praise… now that’s a family who feel fortunate to have kids!” shared another mum.

“My friend met someone in the post-natal ward who was going to call their baby boy Lucifer,” added Mumsnet user @OhMyGodTheyKilledKenny.

Other bizarre names heard in the UK were Energy, Alabama, Banana, Ignatius and London.

Parenting site Bestbabylullabies shared some of the weirdest names that surprisingly, have been chosen by famous people.

Some of the most “bizarre choices” are Apple, Audio Science, Bear Blue, Bear Blaze, Blue Angel, Bronx Mowgli, Otter, Moon Unit and Gravity.

According to a recent study by CasinoSites, the top most popular baby names in the UK are inspired by the Royal Family.

Isla, after the late Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandchild, ranks as the most popular girl’s name inspired by the Royal Family, beating out Charlotte, Mia, Sienna and Beatrice.

James, after the second child of Queen Elizabeth’s son Prince Edward, placed first amongst boys’ names, followed by Lucas.

Recent research released from Pregnacare by Vitabiotics revealed that some names are “going extinct” in the UK this year.

Carolyn, Debra, Meryl, Greg and Walt are all baby names set to go extinct in 2023 alongside Averly, Alexandro and Billie.

Some other boys’ and girls’ names with less than three births last year were Brydie, Cecile, Christie, Edmond and Brad.

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