Mrs Hinch fans share clever hack to get rid of ants in your home

Ants are a real pest, especially during summer. Warm evenings and late nights when the leftovers from your family barbecue are sat out on the kitchen side, and the back door is left wide open.

Should you leave the food uncovered, you might be in for a fright when a trail of ants have hunted it down.

Water and outdoor sources of food become scarce in the increasing temperatures, so ants turn towards our homes as an easy-access route to cuisine heaven.

But, fans of cleaning goddess Sophie Hinchliffe, known as Mrs Hinch, have shared a number of clever hacks to get rid of ants in your home and garden that are very useful!

While an army of ants taking refuge in your kitchen is a clean freaks' worst nightmare, Mrs Hinch has an army of her own.

They often share tips and tricks with one another on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group, which is where one of the group's members appealed to her cleaning comrades for help when her home was invaded.

She said: "Hi all, after some help please. ANTS!

"We've had an influx of ants for the past few weeks in our kitchen, we've put a few bait stations down where we've seen them."

She continued: "I've put talc and salt down after seeing a few posts on here – they're still coming. I hoover and wash the floor pretty much every day. Any ideas on what else can I try?"

Mrs Hinch fans came through with plenty of easy home remedy tips that have proven successful.

One posted to the comment section, suggesting she use clove oil to because "they don't seem to like it at all".

They added: "I have sprinkled around the entrances, poured some onto kitchen paper or cotton ball and wiped around the doors, base boards etc."

Another provided another easy deterrent: "I had them a few weeks ago and someone said they don’t like mint!

"So I got a little mint plant from Tesco and sat it on my kitchen surface and I don’t know if it’s the change in the weather or the plant but I haven’t seen one ant since."

And a third suggested ants "hate the smell of cinnamon" and has "used it a few times" to stop ants from coming back.

She advised: "Sprinkle generously around where they seem to be coming from and leave it for a good few days.

"They didn't come back in my own experience."

While another offered an alternative cheap method: "Wipe vinegar where you’ve seen them, it’s removed the scent for other ants to follow.

"Try looking at your sealant and windows to see if they’re coming in through there."

And another Hinch fan said: "Go outside and find their nest.

"Pour a kettle or 2 of boiling water on it. Kills them all."

One fan empathised with the user's problem and wrote: "Honestly Ants plague me!! Every year they take refuge in my kitchen."

She suggested by a cheap supermarket purchase: "Wilko ant powder is the best thing ever."

And another stated: "Nippon has always done the trick for me.

"Someone once told me to put ant powder round the whole outside of my house all the way round," a user wrote. "I did that and never saw any again."

Others believe an ant infestation should be taken care of by an expert, despite the hefty price tag they bring.

"Honestly I would recommend you call in the professionals, costs about £45-50 but well worth it," they suggested.

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