Mom crafts creepy mask from breast milk to remedy newborns pimples

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It’s the breast medicine money can buy.

It’s no secret that mother’s milk boasts many wondrous medicinal properties. However, one enterprising mom devised a surprising use for the multifaceted mammary juice — by fashioning it into a face mask to cure her infant’s acne. A video detailing her MacGyver’d pimple remedy currently boasts over 4 million views on TikTok.

“I made the mask purely out of boredom and just to have a little fun,” explained first-time mom Linh Ta under the video, adding that she’s learning things as she goes. She formulated the unconventional treatment after noticing red bumps riddling her baby’s face.

In the clip, the inventive parent can be seen taking a dry wipe into which she’s carved eye and mouth holes and soaking it in a bowl of the natural infant elixir. Ta then places the milk-infused wipe over her infant’s face so he resembles a fun-size slasher flick villain.

Currently, there is no science to support breast milk’s efficacy as an acne antidote, according to Healthline. However, the life-giving substance does boast anti-microbial properties, meaning that, in theory, cleansing an infant’s skin with it may help eradicate bacteria and other impurities that can clog pores.

Indeed, many online blogs tout the organic formula as a foolproof way of clearing up both infant and adult complexions.

When your baby has acne so you make a breastmilk mask for him. 😍 #baby #babiesoftiktok #fyp #levi #babyhack #alphathalassemia #survivor #skincare

Either way, Ta’s creative acne antidote made a splash online.

“Your baby is going to LOVE these photos when they are like 16 years old,” joked one enamored fan.

Another wrote, “Omg this is the cutest thing ever.”

However, one armchair pediatrician invoked a sometimes-disputed theory that infant acne was caused by hormones the “baby gets from you during labor/childbirth.”

It’s unknown what causes baby zits; however, the condition generally clears up within a few days or weeks, according to Healthline.

This isn’t the first time breast milk has been touted as a medicinal Holy Grail. Last August, a fraternity of health nuts went viral for imbibing the so-called panacea in an attempt to get ripped and fight cancer.

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