Models exclaim you dont have to be hairless in a bikini as they flaunt fuzz

With summer now upon us, many women are shaving, waxing or even getting laser treatments to make sure their bikini line is hairless while at the beach.

However, two influencer and models have teamed up this week to tell women that you 'don't have to be hairless' in a bikini.

Sara Phuto and Bella Davis shared a joint point across both of their Instagram pages to make the body positive post.

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It saw both women proudly showing off their body fuzz as they posed in swimwear.

Writing over the photos, they first exclaimed: "You don't have to be hairless to go to the beach."

They then added: "What you do with your own body hair is your choice.

"But let's not judge others for what they choose to do with their own body hair.

"Everyone has a right to choose and exist without judgement."

The pair also made the point that body hair isn't 'unhygienic', 'gross' or 'shameful'.

Following up their message in the caption, the ladies wrote: "It’s your personal choice to shave, wax or grow your body hair. There’s no wrong way for your body to look.

"You don’t owe anyone a smooth, bump free, hairless body! Don’t let your body hair or razor bumps hold you back from wearing the bikini, from being intimate or from making precious memories!

"You deserve to see body hair and bumpy bikini lines represented in the media. Because you deserve to feel seen, empowered and a little less alone in your body."

Fans praised the pair over the post, which racked up more than 34,000 likes.

One wrote: "Thank you. A million times thank you for normalising what is normal."

While another added: "Seeing posts about body hair like this always means so much to me since I have a lot of body hair and it’s just nice to know that I’m not alone."

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A third chimed in: "Great post .hopefully more men will see this and realise that women don’t have to shave, it’s personal preference."

While a fourth wrote: "So wild that we have to 'normalise' something that is normal."

The post comes after Bella recently hit back at trolls who criticise her for showing off her body hair.

Sara is also known for her body positive post, as she recently showed fans how much editing changes people's snaps.

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