Millions of Brits could earn up to £1,600 from selling old car tax discs

Car tax discs were abolished in October 2014 after the DVLA moved all of its systems online.

Now if you've got any of these lying around your home, they could be worth a lot of money.

As they're no longer around in the UK, the discs have become a collectible item.

According to MoneyMagpie, the highest amount paid for a single tax disc was £1,087.80.

There are many ways to spot which discs will sell for the most as some could go as much as £1,666.

It is believed discs issued in Northern Ireland and Wales are less commonly found, so they're worth looking out for.

Meanwhile one that is un-perforated appears to be more attractive to collectors too.

Jasmine Birtles, chief executive at MoneyMagpie, said to ask family and friends if they have any in order to boost your cash.

She said: "You could keep them all and even try and build up a set as a whole lot of discs from 1940.

"For example, are listed for as much as £480 on the auction site Collecticus. Who knows how much you could make down the line."

Amanda Taylor, from, said you could look out for fake discs by browsing on eBay.

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She added: "Sadly there are some fake tax discs being touted as the real thing, and due diligence is a must.

"If you still have the original perforated paper seal, then make sure to mention it.

"Generally the best place to sell your old tax discs is through eBay, as they have the widest audience and reach in the UK."

Some of the most expensive car tax discs are from Northern Ireland, reports The Sun.

Five car tax discs went for £1,666 on eBay in May with the vehicle dating from 1922 and 1924.

Meanwhile a Welsh car disc that expired on December 31, 1972, sold for as much as £160.

A slightly cheaper one from the 1920s sold for £147 on the website this month.

It appears to have been stamped in Antrim, which is located in Northern Ireland.

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Also a triangle tax plate went for £128.75 last month with the dates ranging from 1957 to 2014.

The discs were issued to a variety of different locations and drivers.

Although the stamps on a number of the plates are quite faded, with some discoloured or stained, they still sold for a lot of money.

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