Met Office wants British public to name the next storms which hit the UK

Remember the last major democratic test the UK faced?

We're not talking about the EU referendum – we're talking about thousands of Brits memorably voting to name a polar research ship 'Boaty McBoatface'.

Eventually the slightly more sensible – but less popular – RRS Sir David Attenborough was chosen after much back and forth.

Now, the Met Office is also asking the British public to come up with a name, this time for the next storms set to hit the UK.

Stormy McStormface?

Since 2015, the Met Office has been offering the public the chance to name storms and so far over 10,000 names have been submitted, The Daily Record reports.

Previous storm names have included  Storm Deirdre, Storm Erik, Storm Freya and Storm Abigail.

So is there a name you'd like to see dominate the weather headlines?

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