Mercury Retrograde: When is Mercury Retrograde over?

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Mercury is currently in Retrograde, which means it appears to be moving backwards in the sky (but it isn’t really, it just looks like it from our position on Earth). Everyone who believes in astrology dreads Mercury Retrograde and typically uses this time period as an excuse for things going wrong. So, when is Mercury Retrograde finally ending?

Mercury went Retrograde on May 29 and astrologer Francesca Oddie has predicted this retrograde to be an “absolute Mercurial mess”.

Mercury Retrograde happens when Mercury looks like it’s moving backwards in the sky, but it is just an optical illusion.

Francesca said: “The planets orbiting the sun all move in the same direction but because of the shape of their orbits and because the speed at which we move around the sun differs sometimes it appears that a planet is moving ‘backwards’ in the sky.

“It’s like when two trains are travelling next to one another and the one going slower appears to be going backwards.

“The reality is they are both moving forwards but one is not moving as fast.”

Typically during Mercury Retrograde things related to travel, communication and technology will become muddled up.

Francesca said: “Mercury rules communication and all forms of exchange of information.

“Mercury is the Roman name for God, Hermes is the Greek name.

“He is the God attributed to governing the postal system, bicycles, short distance travel, communication, journalism and mobile phones… amongst many other things!

“When he goes retrograde Mercury is said to go into trickster mode and all sorts of miscommunications, disruptions and delays can occur.”

Your Mercury Retrograde experience will differ depending on your own star sign and natal chart, as well as which sign Mercury is moving through, but this one doesn’t seem to be in anyone’s favour.

The astrologer said: “This is going to be the heaviest Mercury Retrograde there has been for a long time.

“Some Mercury Retrogrades are pretty chill and they just sort of play out and happen…. But this is going to be absolute carnage.”

Mercury rules Gemini and it’s never fun when a planet goes retrograde in its own sign.

Francesca said: “Mercury going retrograde in its own sign makes its tricking abilities second-to-none.

“This is professional level prankster-mode – think of the Weasley twins from Harry Potter.”

When is Mercury Retrograde over?

The Retrograde lasts three weeks and Mercury stations direct again on June 22.

Mercury Retrograde isn’t all bad, it’s a great time to slow down and learn to stay calm when things don’t go to plan.

Francesca added: “I like Mercury Retrograde, I like things to unravel, I enjoy the opportunity to put right all the mess I’ve made.

“I like going back over emails and saying sorry for the delay and then sorting everything out.

“I love bumping into old friends and the people I love coincidentally being in the same place at the same time.”

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