Meghan Markle singled out one royal for deeper conversations

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Who was Meghan Markle closest to in the UK Royal Family when she was fully entrenched in its matrix, and which relationship was she keen to develop? Body language expert Judi James spoke exclusively to about Meghan’s dynamics with other members of the family.

According to Judi, Meghan was keen to develop a close bond with one Royal Family member in particular, and a prominent one at that.

She stated: “Charles and Meghan could possibly have forged a very deep relationship, according to their body language rituals.

“In a group setting Meghan tended to single her father-in-law out with her eyes and her facial expression seemed to light up when he spoke to her.

“She would be seen dipping her head slightly to suggest both respect and a desire for some deeper conversations than just the level of small-talk and it is possible that the pair might have found a lot of common ground in their passionate approaches to global problems.”

Judi explained that there was a key defining moment within their relationship that may have solidified their closeness, at Meghan and Harry’s wedding on May 19, 2018.

She said: “There must have been some family bonds created during the moment when Charles walked Meghan down the aisle at her wedding.”

Later that year, at a garden party for Charles’ 70th birthday, the Duchess’ body language rituals suggested this further.

“In some of his 70th birthday photos we can see Meghan leaning forward as though keen to communicate with the group on the bench where Charles is sitting and her eyes pick out the moment that baby Louis leans forward to grab Charles’s face.

“During some balcony poses Meghan appeared to lift her hand to her face as Charles turns to chat to Harry and she looks keen to seek his attention with this gesture.”

In addition to Charles, it seemed that Meghan wanted to build a rapport wife his wife, the now Queen Consort.

Judi explained: “Camilla has often been seen looking very friendly with Meghan in public and the relationship did seem to start well.”

Some “prolonged hand-holding” during a greeting at Ascot particularly suggested a “genuine warmth” between the two women.

It makes sense that Camilla would have a fondness towards someone who seemed to admire her husband so much.

However, Camilla has proven to be fiercely loyal to Charles and Judi believes she would not take kindly to anyone disapproving of him.

Judi previously told the Express that Camilla is a wife who uses “naturally lower-status body language signals to suggest she is primarily there to offer quiet and low-key support to her husband”.

Before Camilla became Queen Consort in September of this year, Judi predicted that Camilla would be a Queen Consort “who places the emphasis on the word ‘Consort’ more than the word ‘Queen’”.

“Her core mission and role in life has always been to be Charles’ wife and supporter.”

Therefore, according to the expert, it is unlikely that the “super-loyal Camilla would have had much sympathy or empathy for Meghan once she felt her husband-to-be under attack with the criticism” from her and Harry.

However, Judi suggested that this was formerly Meghan’s most successful dynamic within the Royal Family.

She explained: “Closer analysis of Meghan’s super-friendly body language when she was in group poses with Camilla hints at what might potentially have been the real closest and warmest relationship of the lot.”

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