McDonald's is doing 50% off fries after April Fool's joke is revealed

MCDONALD’S fans can get 50% off fries through its app to mark April Fool’s day – and no, it isn’t a joke.

The deal means you’ll be able to save around 60p on the price of medium fries.

Medium fries typically cost £1.19 and the deal will reduce them to 60p – although keep in mind prices do vary between branches.

But whatever your local Maccies charges, you’ll still get 50% off the usual cost of their chips.

It comes after McDonald’s cheekily joked it was introducing a minuscule portion of fries with just three chips for your mates who “just want a few”.

It was, of course, an April Fool’s joke and the restaurant chain isn’t really releasing tiny size chips.

If their April Fool has got you in the mood for food, you can find the 50% off deal in the My McDonald’s app now.

The app is free to download via the App Store or Google Play – after you’ve done this, you’ll need to register an account.

This involves signing up with your email address, so keep in mind you'll be agreeing for the restaurant chain to send you marketing emails.

Once you’re registered, you should see the medium fries offer on the homepage or in the deals section of the app.

Click on this, and the offer will be added to your basket.

You’ll then need to choose which restaurant to purchase your food from, and if you’ll use a drive-thru or walk-in collection.

McDonald’s restaurants remain closed for eat-in diners due to coronavirus restrictions. 

The fries offer is available for today only and can be redeemed by new and existing app users.

If you’re tempted, there are around 1,300 McDonald’s restaurants in the UK and you use the online store finder tool to locate your nearest one.

The deal is nationwide, which means all restaurants should be participating.

Sadly, the offer doesn’t apply to delivery orders – which are placed through Just Eat or Uber Eats.

You should note that medium fries from McDonald's contain 337 calories.

McDonald's has just confirmed its changing its hot drink loyalty scheme – but you can still get a free beverage.

McDonald's brought back six items to its menu last week, plus it's also confirmed the return of its Monopoly game this summer.

The fast food chain cancelled the Monopoly promotion last year due to coronavirus.

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