Man marries both girlfriends in same ceremony so ‘nobody gets hurt’

‘I do’ times two.

An Indonesian man married his two girlfriends at once in a ceremony that quickly went viral.

While polygamy isn’t unusual in the Muslim-majority country — a Muslim man can have up to four spouses according to the Quran, as long as he can provide for each — under Indonesian law, a man can only marry more than one woman if he has the approval of his first wife. And that is why the groom’s choice to tie the knot with his two girlfriends simultaneously caused a stir online.

“My heart couldn’t stand to see them hurt. So I decided to marry them both,” the man told local media, according to VICE Indonesia.

The video posted online on Aug. 17 quickly went viral, showing the two women on each side of him.

And the groom understandably struggled to recite his marriage vows and reportedly had to repeat them a second time before he got them right.

As part of another Indonesian tradition, the new groom gave his wives a dowry of Rp10,000 ($0.70) shared between the two, which he handed to the woman seated on his right.

Reaction online ranged from serious to humorous.

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