Man claims weve been opening tin cans wrong by not turning the ring around

Opening a ring-pull tin can often prove a challenge if you break the tab in a hurry for a quick bite of food. It leaves you scrambling to try and cut open the tin but one man claims to have found the answer.

Alan Wood said he was "today's year old" when he realised he has been opening cans wrong the whole time.

To demonstrate what he meant, he took to TikTok and grabbed a can of sweetcorn which showed how to "do it right".

In the clip viewed more than 4 million times, Alan first flips the pull tab and lifts it all the way up to break open the tin cover.

Then instead of yanking it back, he twists the tab and makes a 180-degree turn before pulling it.

That way, Alan can easily open the can without breaking the tab or risk spilling the sweetcorn.

He added: "I usually pop it and pull it back…no twist."

His hack has divided the internet since it was shared online.

One said: "I was today years older when I discovered what you discovered."

"I put my thumb in the little indention on the top, works great for me, But I like your way too!" a second added.

But others said the twisting is an unnecessary step to open a can.

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A viewer commented: "Technically if that's the right way, the way that we are doing it is the hack."

Another shared his concerns: "I'm afraid if I do that I'll just break the opener and suffer more."

Some said they have been using the method all their lives and found it bizarre that people are just learning it on TikTok these days.

"This is how I have always opened them, where were you guys in the past years?" a fan joked.

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