Love Islands biggest make-unders from Molly-Maes dissolved fillers to Fayes new look

Getting ready to appear on the one of the most watched reality TV shows is no simple task, and many Love Island contestants undergo huge makeovers before heading into the famous villa.

From hair extensions and manicures to semi-permanent make-up and fillers, many ex-Islanders completely transformed themselves ahead of their debut on the ITV2 dating show

However, several Love Island girls have actually opted for a make under after appearing on the show, with some having their fillers dissolved and their hair dyed a more natural shade.

Here we take a look at some of the biggest Love Island make unders over the years…

Molly-Mae Hague

Molly-Mae Hague, 23, became known for her glamorous look in the Love Island villa, thanks to her signature long blonde locks and impeccable sense of style.

Mum-to-be Molly, who is expecting her first child with fellow Islander Tommy Fury, 23, had also had jaw and lip filler, but in 2020 she made the decision to have all of her filler dissolved in hope of a more natural look.

In a Youtube video documenting her make under, Molly revealed she had around a total of 5ml of filler in her lips and the last time she'd had them topped up was back in 2019.

She also shared her regret at having had fillers at the age of 18, and has since opted to look as natural as possible.

Faye Winter

Faye Winter, who appeared on Love Island in 2021, had her lip fillers dissolved not long after leaving the villa, revealing that a Love Island challenge had actually left them looking uneven.

The 27 year old had 4ml of filler in her lips when she appeared on the ITV2 show, and after having all of it dissolved she opted to have a minimal 1.5ml put back into her pout.

Sharing her regrets about her pout, Faye told her followers: “Looking back at the photos, I probably should have done it sooner. We all learn from our mistakes. You guys can all learn from me."

"You don't want to be walking around looking like that, I promise. I've done it for the last few years free of charge. I have taken one for an almighty big team," she joked.

Anna Vakili

Anna Vakili appeared on Love Island in 2019, and the 32-year-old is almost unrecognisable now after transforming her look. The pharmacist has been open about the surgery she's had over the years, having undergone procedures including a bum lift and boob job.

However, in 2021 she revealed she was aiming to look more natural, and she underwent boob reduction surgery and stopped having filler in her nose, cheeks and chin.

Anna told The Sun: "I used to get filler in my cheek bones, and I haven't had that for a while. I used to get my nose filled at the top, and I used to get filler in my chin, but that's dissolved now. I used to have a little bit of filler put into my jaw – so all of these things I've stopped."

She kept her lip fillers however, and has since lightened her brunette locks to go with her new look.

Sharon Gaffka

Star of Love Island 2021 Sharon Gaffka, has also chosen to have her lip fillers reversed and underwent a dramatic hair transformation after exiting the villa.

The former civil servant, 27, had her fillers dissolved in 2022, after becoming unhappy with her appearance.

“I was really unhappy with the filler in my chin and jawline,” the reality TV star told

She added: "I then had my lips topped up and the filler become lumpy, which I know was a possible side effect when having them done, but I wasn’t happy so I decided to simply have them dissolved in a bid to get a more natural effect.”

Sharon also underwent laser treatments on her eyebrows last year to remove the pigment from a previous microbalding or tattoo procedure – she hasn't revealed what she had done to her eyebrows in the past.

Shaughna Phillips

In 2022, Shaughna Phillips revealed she'd taken the plunge and had all of her lip filler dissolved and unveiled her new look on Instagram.

The 28 year old, who appeared on winter Love Island in 2020, revealed she'd been having filler in her lips for eight years and hadn't seen her natural pout since she was 19 years old.

Speaking to Heat, the mum-to-be shared: "Oh my God, it was absolutely traumatising – more so the fear of it. I was so in my head, I realised I hadn’t seen myself without lip filler for eight years."

However, the Love Islander has admitted she'll be getting filler and botox after welcoming her first child, who is due to be born in a matter of months.

Speaking to OK!, Shaughna revealed: "I'll definitely get lip filler after giving birth – I'd have it done in the delivery room!"

She also added: "I think Botox will be the first thing I get though. It's a necessity at this point, not a luxury."


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