Kyoto Animation Suspect is Too Sick to Arrest

Police in Kyoto, Japan, have obtained an arrest warrant for Shinji Aoba, the man suspected of killing 33 people last week at the Kyoto Animation studio. However, he currently remains too injured for the warrant to be served.

Police said that they believe that the bag with multiple knives and a hammer belong to Aoba. They say they believe he was responsible for attacking the studio and hope to charge him with murder and arson. Police sources now put the death toll at 34, including 13 men and 21 women.

After pouring an inflammable liquid, believed to be gasoline purchased from a nearby filling station, into the first floor of the studio, Aoba is understood to have set it alight. A melted lighter was found at the scene.

Aoba himself was severely burned in the attack. He was initially hospitalized in Kyoto, but was subsequently airlifted to another facility in nearly Osaka.

Local media reports carry multiple witness accounts of Aoba checking out the area near to the studio in the days before Thursday’s attack. These include a woman at a nearby convenience store, a student who saw a man resembling Aoba lying on a bench, and another junior student who reports seeing him on two separate occasions.

Aoba was sentenced to more than three years in jail after a 2012 robbery. But he was released early due to an unspecified mental illness.


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