Kettle cleaning hack costs 60p and itll leave your kitchen appliance sparkling

This year we've seen a lot of cleaning hacks.

The best kind of tricks are the ones where it doesn't require much elbow grease or money.

Now one savvy cleaning fan has found a smart way of getting your kettle to sparkle and it costs less than a pound.

Laura Simpson posted in the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas group on Facebook where she used lemon juice to restore her appliance.

She discovered the hack online and it means you can clean your kitchen item for just 60p.

The woman said: "Someone put on here to descale your kettle with just plain on bottled lemon juice!"

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She described it as the "best thing" she's ever done as she added: "Will switch to this method from now on."

Bottled lemon juice doesn't cost much in supermarkets so it makes this hack quite clever and cheap.

Laura added: "Cleans and removes limescale so much better, it's cheaper AND better for the environment."

Other Facebook users were quick to comment on the post, with one suggesting a couple of teaspoons of citric acid.

The user said: "Always used lemon juice or a couple of teaspoons of citric acid.

"Find vinegar leaves an aroma even after you rinse it."

Another suggested using fresh lemons rather than bottled lemon juice.

They added: "I use fresh lemon, I literally just squeeze about two lemons in, fill the kettle up, boil it, leave to cool then boil again.

"After I pour it out and boil with fresh water."

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