Kendall Jenner Admits She 'Didn't Necessarily Know' What She Was Doing at First Runway Show

That being said, she had no hesitations about feeing the nipple on the catwalk.

Kendall Jenner opened up about her nerves ahead of her very first runway show — but, no, they had nothing to do with showing skin.

The 26-year-old model made her high fashion debut in 2014 for Marc Jacobs at the young age of 18, rocking a completely sheer top on the runway. For the show, she was dressed in a light taupe colored long-sleeve shirt which was completely see-though, paired with high water trousers and a short red bob with bleached eyebrows.

Though she was a little nervous about her first show, she revealed in a new video with Vogue that her concerns had nothing to do with her near-toplessness.

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“I had just turned 18. I remember getting a call from my agent saying that Marc [Jacobs] and Katie wanted to put me in this kind of sheer top,” she recalled. “And I was like, I’m game like, I don’t mind like, I’m all good with the nipples so it didn’t make me any more nervous.”

“I genuinely was just like dope!” she said with a laugh. “Whatever they want, it’s their vision so let’s do it. I was completely comfortable.”

Instead, she was actually nervous about her footwear for the runway.

“I weirdly had little nerves and I think it was because my shoes were relatively flat. They weren’t some big tall heel. I was pretty chill — even though my boobies were out,” she said.

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While she’s a seasoned pro on the catwalk now, Kendall recalled looking a little stiff at first — admitting she “didn’t necessarily know what I was doing” at the time.

“I remember going into my agency and kind of getting like a walking lesson because I didn’t necessarily know what I was doing,” she said. “I think I took tips too seriously and ended up being really stiff when I got on the runway.”

“I’ve learned a lot since then,” Jenner added. “She’s just a little girl here and I love to see it.”

Jenner has frequently “freed the nipple” since that very first Marc Jacobs show — and most recently rocked a sheer look at the 2022 Met Gala.

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