Kelly Clarkson’s $6.9 Million Mansion Finally Sold After 4 Years On The Market

Kelly Clarkson has been trying to sell her massive mansion in Tennessee for a very long time. The huge property has been on the market for four very long years and has finally just seen some movement. Originally purchased in 2012 for $2.86 million, Clarkson listed her home in 2017 for $8.75 million but has been waiting for the right buyer to come along. After a period of time she began bringing down the price in stages, each time hoping that someone would be enticed by the price drop. Finally, the long awaited buyer clinched the deal and has picked up this gorgeous home! According to Just Jared, Clarkson let it go for $6.95 million and is still making a huge profit on the sale of the home, in spite of the elongated sale process.

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The new home owner will surely not be disappointed. In spite of taking a while to sell, the house itself is a real gem.

The mansion is nestled in a quite area just 30 minutes from Nashville and boasts an immense amount of space to spread out and live luxuriously. This home spans across 20,121 square feet of stunning living space and boasts a whole lot of fabulous amenities to ensure the most lavish lifestyle possible.

The lucky new owner will have the opportunity to enjoy their very own, private movie theatre, a luxurious wet bar, and an oversized saltwater pool. There is not one, but two spas available on site, along with a private dock entrance.


The living space is entirely open concept and the estate has a series of bedrooms, each one seemingly larger than the last. There are 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms with top of the line home decor and accents at every turn.

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Perhaps one of the most stunning and truly impressive features of the home is a simple aesthetic one that just goes the extra mile to define luxury living. Upon entering the mansion, the view guests will receive is of an astounding double staircase which is truly breathtaking.

It’s clear that Clarkson and her family had an abundance of space to spread out and live comfortably in this home, but after filing for divorce, she and her two kids are now looking for a new adventure, and a new place to call home.

Thankfully, the buyer that just stepped in to take this home has just given Clarkson $6.95 million reasons to leave her old life behind her.

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Sources: New York Post, Just Jared

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