Kate v Meghan: Have they ditched royal protocol? All the rules they refuse to follow

Kate Middleton became a full-time working royal when she married Prince William, 37, in April 2011. Meghan Markle joined the family seven years later in 2018, when she married Prince Harry, 34. Members of the family are generally expected to follow royal protocol, however this is sometimes broken. What rules have Kate and Meghan ditched?

Kate Middleton v Meghan Markle news: All the royal rules broken by the Duchesses

The Duchess of Cambridge will usually follow royal protocol but there have been some occasions when she hasn’t done this.

Missing royal duties

When Prince George, six, and Princess Charlotte, four, were young, Kate skipped out on one of her royal duties.

In 2016, instead of presenting the first battalion Irish guards with a shamrock for St Patricks Day, she chose to spend time with her family.

Palace officials released a statement which read: “While the Duchess has accompanied the Duke every year since his appointment in 2012, and will do so again in future, this year she sadly could not make it because she is prioritising time with her children before next month’s tour of India and Bhutan.”


When it comes to what royals wear, there are a number of things which are expected from the family.

Although Kate usually follows the rules, sometimes she will opt to bare her legs or wear a large heel.

Last week, she wore a pair of wedges as she visited the “Back To Nature” festival at the RHS Garden Wisley – a style of shoes the Queen is said to detest. 

Travelling with Prince William and Prince George

In royal tradition, heirs to the throne will avoid travelling together in case something were to happen.

However, Kate will often let her children and husband travel together when they are making family trips.

Since becoming a royal last year, Meghan has also broken a number of royal rules when performing her duties.

Wearing dark nail polish

Members of the Royal Family are expected to forgo flashy or colourful nail polish and instead choose a nude colour.

Meghan ignored this when she wore a dark polish when she made a surprise appearance at the 2018 British Fashion Awards.

Speaking on political issues

While royals are supposed to stay apolitical, Meghan has previously voiced her opinion on political matters.

When speaking on a panel with Kate, William and Harry, she said: “We’re seeing so many campaigns—MeToo, and Time’s Up. There is no better time than to really continue to shine a light on women feeling empowered and people really helping to support them.”

Meghan attended a party at the British ambassador’s residence in Dublin and Irish Senator, Catherine Noone, tweeted the pair had a chat where Meghan reportedly said she approved with scrapping Ireland’s abortion ban, according to the Irish Times.


The Duchess of Sussex has broken many royal fashion rules, and she too has opted for bare legs when royals are expected to wear tights.

Also, it is traditional for royals to support UK businesses and wear British fashion labels, however Meghan opted for a mix of Canadian and British brands during her first official outing in 2018.

When she attended The WellChild Awards with Prince Harry last year, the Duchess broke a number of rules in a black blazer playsuit. 

Not only did the outfit cut off high up above her knee and she ditched the tights, the Queen is believed to prefer royal women to wear dresses or skirts.

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