Kate Middletons posture trick ensures perfect photo every time – details

Kate Middleton enjoys victory with SailGP team

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Bad hair days and style misses seem to elude Kate Middleton, and she has perfected a polished demeanour for all types of royal outings. But whether it be a sports event or a formal state banquet, Kate follows one key rule to make sure she shines during a photo-op.

Kate’s beaming smile and gentle wave to the crowds are key behavioural traits displayed at almost every royal engagement she attends.

But one thing you might not have noticed is a specific way the Duchess carries herself to please the cameras.

Celebrity fashion expert Miranda Holder said on TikTok (@themirandaholder) that Kate uses one particular “style hack” at every outing “without fail”.

In the viral video, Ms Holder explained how Kate has been “trained” to “always keep her chin parallel to the ground”.

She explained: “She doesn’t tilt it down, she doesn’t tilt it up.

“That ensures a flattering photograph every single time.”

By keeping this stance Kate also ensures she looks alert, which is an important quality the Duchess must have while out and about chatting to the public.

Myka Meier, founder of Beaumont Etiquette, previously told the Sun Online: “Holding your chin parallel helps maintain posture while sitting, standing, walking and descending stairs.

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“When your chin points down or up it gives the impression that you’re not paying attention or not interested in what’s happening.”

To achieve Kate’s perfect posture, Ms Meier added that “one should keep their back straight, chin parallel to the floor and square the shoulders.”

As for sitting in a “formal setting”, people should “avoid leaning back in the chair or using arm rests because both movements will break posture.”

While sitting, Kate has also been known to adopt what has been coined the ‘Duchess slant’ by Ms Meier.

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While sitting, royal women will often slightly slant their knees to one side for modesty.

A pose beloved by royal women like Meghan Markle and the late Princess Diana, Kate has been known to adopt the position throughout her royal career.

When she has one, Kate is also known to carry her clutch bag in front of her with both hands.

But often she will carry no bag at all, to keep her hands free to shake hands and wave to crowds.

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