Kate Middleton Is Horrifying Her Kids During Lockdown With This Skill

Let’s face it — these Covid-19 lockdowns have brought out some weird qualities in all of us, and that includes celebrities. We’ve gotten to see plenty of stars take to online platforms in order to stay connected to their fans. We’ve also been outraged when stars moan about the hard times they’re having while quarantined in mansions with every possible comfort at their fingertips.

Still, a luxurious lifestyle and plenty of money haven’t shielded stars from some of the harsher effects of the pandemic, including a rise in break-ups that come from the pressure of being locked in together. Another all too real moment of lockdown shows up for even Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Kate has developed a new skill during her lockdown, and her kids are horrified by the results. 

Kate Middleton is known for her poise and grace

Kate married into the British Royal family in 2011 after a long courtship with Prince William. The pair initially met in 2001 while both attending university, and they kept their relationship under wraps until 2004.

In 2007, they even broke up for a while, but they later reunited and then got engaged in 2010. Their wedding was definitely a royal event marked with many traditions and a generous gift of renovated property from the queen herself. 

Being a member of the royal family comes with plenty of scrutinies but Kate has largely managed to win over the British public. As Prince William is in direct line of succession to the throne, Kate has the weighty responsibility of taking on the duties of the queen.

Public opinion largely agrees that she seems to have grown into this role well, and Kate is expected to step into the queen consort role when the time comes with grace, dignity, and respect. 

Kate Middleton and Prince William have a growing family

The ins and outs of the royal family tree get more attention than most. With titles and roles being passed down through generations, each child born into the family is a cause for celebration and much pomp and circumstance.

As for Prince William and Kate, the public has been delighted to see them grow their family with three children. Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are all still very young (at 7, 5, and 2, respectively), but they’re already learning the duties and responsibilities of their roles in the public eye. 

Kate has drawn attention for her modern parenting style, which sometimes stands in stark contrast to traditional approaches. She has also, however, garnered praise for her patience and kindness, qualities that come forward in her motherhood as well as her work with the public. 

Kate Middleton shares this lockdown story with many moms

While Kate’s approach to motherhood is certainly different from most everyday moms, the lockdown has helped showcase at least one thing they have in common. As Page Six reports, Kate has taken matters into her own hands when it comes to tasks that would normally be outsourced.

That includes haircuts — “much to my children’s horror,” the duchess reports. “During lockdown, we’ve had to take on additional roles that others in our communities or in our lives would have helped us with,” she said. “I’ve become a hairdresser this lockdown, much to my children’s horror.”

Still, Kate may be playing up the difficulty to help connect with other weary moms who are tired of playing additional roles during the lockdown. “George’s is easy. Charlotte likes her hair off her face and so it’s long enough for a mini ponytail. They both have easy hair to cut,” a source explained. 

What’s more, Kate has some unofficial training in the department. “Kate would certainly trim George and Charlotte’s hair as she is very competent and they are used to home haircuts,” a source told The Sun in 2020. “Carole Middleton taught both Kate and sister Pippa how to cook and cut children’s hair. To them, it is no big deal.”

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