Karens target anti-Karen coffee shop with a barrage of scathing reviews

The Karen meme often circulates around the internet brandishing ‘rude’ middle aged women as a, well, Karen .

Using the meme as a source of inspiration, this Californian coffee shop has branded some products as “anti-Karen.”

The coffee shop has now been faced with a barrage of complaints from women named Karen.

The Coffee Dose Café, which has shops dotted around the state of California, has a strong presence on social media with 37,000 TikTok followers.

They often show off their daring and crude named products, with cups claiming to contain ‘anti-b**** serum.’

A handful of their designs have now caught the eye of some Karens – who aren't happy.

Causing the rift between the coffee shop and Karens, a sign allegedly put outside the shop reads: “No Karen, you can’t talk to the manager".

To add to the dispute, the coffee shop described their latest beverage as an “Anti-Karen serum.”

Taking to TikTok to discuss the incident, the coffee shop said that their sign and Anti-Karen cups were “just meant to be a play on the anti-b**** Serum".

Outraged by the cafe, one woman took to a Facebook group dedicated to women named Karen and ordered them to “boycott” the shop.

Listening to the woman's request, people left one star ratings and scathing reviews.

Some even accused the coffee shop of promoting “bullying.”

One person commented: “I can speak to the manager if I want. Seriously tired of businesses using a tired old meme to attract ‘woke’ customers.”

Another added: “I’d give zero stars if I could. One look at the sign outside that is pure bullying to anyone named Karen is enough to put me off.”

Not threatened by the bombardment of negative reviews, the coffee shop has hit back in their own creative way.

They designed a new sign that reads: “We survived a pandemic, we’ll survive your sh**** review.”

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