Kanye West Wants to Make Shoes Out of Algae

Unsatisfied with statement-making fashion shows and dominating the music industry, Kanye West wants to go even further when it comes to his impact — on the environment, at least. In a new interview with Forbes, West explains that he wants his Yeezy line, which is estimated to rake in $1.5 billion this year, to be more conscious of the environment and even notes that he envisions creating biodegradable shoes made out of algae.

West is riding high off the success of Yeezy, which started out with shoes and quickly expanded to include clothing. It was exactly what he wanted, he told Forbes, because he set out to disrupt the market and create a brand strong enough to compete with established names such as Nike and Air Jordan.

"It was the first shoe to have the same level of impact as an Air Jordan," West says of his line, which now includes New York Fashion Week presentations as well as regular drops for shoppers that want a piece of West's creative genius.

West is taking the future into consideration as he grows his line. He told Forbes that he wants to create shoes that don't fill up landfills, so he's crafted concepts that include designs made from algae. The plan is for them to biodegrade when they're tossed out or to just disintegrate entirely with the use of a bacteria spray. That way, there's no waste.

Shoes are just the beginning, however. In the interview, West added that he wants to create affordable housing. But because Kanye is Kanye, the structures are inspired by Star Wars's Tatooine. He's even built prototypes in the woods and envisions the project as a way to solve the housing crisis and provide something for the homeless.

"West has been working with a team to design prefabricated structures that sport the same austere aesthetic, with the goal of deploying them as low-income housing units," the article reads. 

West isn't afraid to share his razor-sharp focus. Forbes explains that his determination is something that he's more than willing to offer to his wife, Kim Kardashian. She admits that before the two met, she was willing to slap her name on just about any product. Now, she has more discerning taste and is more protective of what she promotes.

"He's just taught me as a person to never compromise and to really take ownership," Kardashian told Forbes. "Before, I was really the opposite. I would throw my name on anything."

Thanks to his 100% ownership of Yeezy, West is set to become a billionaire in no time, joining the ranks of his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner and his idol, Michael Jordan. Algae shoes and all, it's still just the beginning.

"We've yet to see all of the beauty that would be manifested through this partnership," West said. "We've only experienced a small glimmer of light."

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