Julia Roberts Delights Cannes at Chopard Dinner: Cinema Is the Love of My Life, Second to My Husband

Julia Roberts touched down in Cannes to attend the Chopard Trophée Dinner, in which she was tasked with presenting awards to rising actors Sheila Atim and Jack Lowden. The event was held at the Carlton Hotel Beach Club and was attended by the likes of Xavier Dolan, Saoirse Ronan, Vincent Lindon, Lashana Lynch, Rebecca Hall, Noomi Rapace and Deepika Padukone, among other celebrities. Roberts was named theGodmother of the Trophée Chopard ahead of the Cannes Film Festival.

“Everybody get a picture and you know what we are going to do, we’re going to put all of our phones down,” Roberts told the crowd during her awards presentation. “This is about cinema, which is the love of my life second to my husband.”

Sheila Atim recently appeared in Marvel’s blockbuster “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” and next has a role opposite Viola Davis in the warrior epic “The Woman King.” Jack Lowden first made an impression with his role in Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” and most recently appeared in a leading role opposite Gary Oldman in the Apple TV+ series “Small Horses.”

“I wouldn’t have traveled from work, and gotten on a plane, and gotten here, and done all I’ve done to talk about people who I don’t really want to invest myself in, so this is legitimate praise and honor that I feel right now,” Roberts told the two actors. “I am your godmother now but it doesn’t mean you can call because you don’t need anything else from me.”

Atim accepted the award by saying, “I think what’s wonderful about this award is that its trying to celebrate and uplift emerging talent.”

“This is such an incredible honor. It really is,” Lowden added. “I never thought I’d get a new Godmother at 31 years old, let alone Julia Roberts.”

The dinner was prepared by French chef Bruno Oger and included lobster salad, sweet almond velouté and baby vegetables followed by a turbot, celery, virgin leaf, shallot and walnut dish. Musician Jeanne Cherhal ended the evening with a concert performing legendary film songs.

The evening ended with a concert by Jeanne Cherhal, who performed songs from the most legendary movies

Chopard president and artistic director Caroline Scheufele said of the evening, “Chopard loves cinema, and the Trophée represents an ongoing commitment by our Maison to guarantee the rise of new talent. Through this award, we bring an actor and actress, destined to perform in the films of tomorrow, to the attention of the entire film industry and the public. As is the case every year, I was especially moved during the award ceremony – in which the legendary Julia Roberts played godmother – to see the pride in the fact that their talent was being recognized on the faces of these brilliant actors.”

Roberts also walked the red carpet at the “Armageddon Time” screening while at the Cannes Film Festival.

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