Jet2 passengers forced to sleep on airport floor at 3am after delay chaos

Angry passengers have hit out at Jet2 after hundreds were left stranded at Corfu Airport.

Two flights travelling back to the UK to London and Manchester were cancelled last minute.

They blame lightning storms for the problems but around 50 customers were forced to sleep on the airport floor after only a selected few were given hotels for the night.

They were left waiting until 3am to find out their flights have been rescheduled until 9.50pm on Friday night.

The incident comes after travel operator Thomas Cook went bust leaving thousands stranded abroad any many jobless.

Passenger Ian Simpson told the Manchester Evening News : "This is driving us nuts. We have been at the airport since 6pm last night and will be here until at least 10pm tonight.

"We are stuck in a little area near check-in. It has been a nightmare. None of us have slept. All they have given us is a cake and a cup of tea.

"Forty to 50 of us have been left with no hotel because there are no rooms on the island.

"The thing we are worried about is the weather is bad, we are not going to be able to take off again and stay another night at the airport."

Nicholas Mitchell, from Urmston, said disabled and elderly people have been left to sleep on the floors of the freezing cold airport.

The 32-year-old said: "I have been awake for 25 hours. I got to the airport 6pm for a 9pm flight back.

"We checked in but then the bad weather occurred. The plane got delayed by an hour and then another hour, it kept getting delayed.

"Ryanair also diverted, Ryanair had everyone in a hotel straight away.

"We got asked to wait outside the airport. We queued up for two hours, two flights worth of people one going to London one to Manchester.

"We got to the front of the queue, they said they didn't have a hotel for us.

"They had only space for the elderly, children and disabled people, but they have left behind disabled and elderly people."

He added: "They expected us to find our own hotels, it is now 9am in the morning and hotels don't check you in until 2pm.

"The flight has been re-scheduled to 9.50pm tonight. Which means we will have been awake for 36 hours and not put up in a hotel."

James Hampson, another stricken passenger, said: " We are now 12 hours delayed in the airport. People are sleeping on the floors with damp towels because it is so cold.

"There is no accommodation for us. My wife has had to send airport staff to get her medication that she needs daily.

"Since we have been here we have had one bottle of water, a coffee and a bacon and cheese pasty.

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