Jason Wahler Confronts Spencer Pratt for Doubting His Sobriety on The Hills: New Beginnings (Exclusive)

Heidi and Spencer tried to sneak out of dinner without a fight … it didn’t work.

Jason Wahler was fuming after he learned Spencer Pratt had doubts about his sobriety — and in this sneak peek at tonight’s new episode of “The Hills: New Beginnings,” he confronts him head-on.

Last week, Jason found out Pratt had been insinuating he wasn’t sober from friend Brody Jenner, with Wahler saying Spencer’s comments were “f—ed up” and adding that his addiction almost led him to suicide. The episode ended with Jason’s wife Ashley vowing to “lose [her] s—” after he filled her in.

In this preview from Wednesday’s new hour, we see her start to make good on her promise.

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After the group meets up for what looks like a 20s-themed dinner, Heidi and Spencer are clearly frustrated with the Wahlers.

“I’m like, let’s not pretend you haven’t been the loudest person around for a long time,” says Heidi, as Spencer says he couldn’t “care less about those two” before asking if they should just “get dessert and bail.” Heidi, however, doesn’t want to wait — and says she’s “just gonna leave.”

“I just need to leave because it’s getting late, we have no nanny, my makeup artist is watching Gunnar and I’m just feeling some really negative energy,” Heidi says in a confessional, “and I don’t have the time or wanna get into it with anyone right now.”

Unfortunately for them, that’s not what happens. As they get up to leave, Ashley and Jason say they want to hash things out. “If you want to talk to me, we can talk privately,” Heidi tells them, as they once again push for a conversation at that very moment.

“That sounds so fun,” Heidi says sarcastically, as Spencer said he wouldn’t be speaking with either of them. “Why do you guys always deflect?” asks Ashley, “Why wouldn’t you just have a conversation?!”

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“You always try and be fake Heidi and walk away, that’s your life!” Ashley then shouts, before Jason brings up Spencer’s comments about his sobriety. “I’m drinking, I’m using, I’m a fake f—ing person, what’s up with that dude?” he snaps.

“My exact quote was I don’t know about Jason’s sobriety, I don’t know if he’s sober,” Pratt replied, attempting to defend himself. “He’s sober, then he’s not sober.”

Neither of the Wahlers were having it though, with Ashley shouting, “You don’t know if he’s sober, what the f— are you talking about?!”

Watch the rest of the fight unfold when “The Hills: New Beginnings” airs Wednesdays at 9pm on MTV.

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